Vacuum pumping device of coating machine

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vacuum continuous coating machine can do it. The development of sputtering () technology splashes various targets on plastics, ABS and other plated objects to change their appearance into metal like or enhance other functions. Now, because the sputtering process has no environmental protection problems, and under the European Union’s ROHS directive, it is a powerful tool to replace the traditional electrolysis and electroplating

Application of products:

the use of continuous vacuum coating method has become the mainstream of modern film synthesis. It is mainly to make various functional films by vacuum sputtering on the surface of various substrates. It not only has the advantages of low cost and high speed, but also has the characteristics of environmental protection and recycling compared with the traditional water electroplating technology; Its application scope includes anti electromagnetic interference coating treatment EMI, shielding, appearance coating, temperature sensing rod surface treatment, touch panel film treatment, light guide plate coating treatment, ITO conductive glass film treatment, metal reflection film, optical lens coating, plastic coated circuit board, soft PCB front process, LCD coating treatment, OLED coating treatment Pled coating treatment, microcomputer photoelectric materials and nano materials are widely used

the company is connected by single cavity vacuum equipment. According to the needs of customers in different fields, the single cavity vacuum equipment is connected into three cavity, five cavity, eight cavity, even eleven cavity and thirteen cavity super large continuous high vacuum sputtering equipment system. The single cavity system can be used for academic research. If combined with relevant peripheral equipment, such as primer coating, sand blasting Automatic mechanical arm and ultrasonic cleaning machine can form a continuous automatic production line

Application Industry:

. Mobile phone industry – mobile phone shell, keys, screen, EMI

. Communication industry – EMI, decoration

. Printed circuit board – BGA, flexible substrate, PCB

. Footwear industry – clean, decoration

. Passive element – chip resistance

quite unprofessional
what is an evacuation device? You mean the vacuum pump
the device to be plated refers to the parts to be plated
What does the external port mean? Vacuum chamber door

what you want may be the multi cavity coating machine mentioned in the advertisement on the second floor For example, for three cavities, one is in the state of taking parts, one is in the state of coating, and the other is in the state of vacuum pumping When the time comes, the coated parts in the three cavities will be automatically transferred to the next cavity That’s probably the case I haven’t used it, ha ha 13 cavities are not the most. Some companies have assembled more than 30 cavities themselves

I don’t know how fast it is to reach 1.0e-3pa quickly Better machines can be achieved in 10 minutes or less It usually takes about 30 minutes Machine vacuum pump configuration is different, the performance is also very different Maintenance is also very important The specific brands and models are not introduced. They are not specialized in equipment I won’t show off here
there are many brands, such as Laibao, Guangchi, xinkelong, Hanyi, Nanguang, etc

there is no such equipment

general continuous coating machines can do this. Of course, to quickly reach 1.0e-3pa, it is necessary to find the configuration of vacuum pump according to the requirements of fast.

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