Vacuum required by vacuum rolling machine

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vacuum degree of general vacuum rolling and kneading machine: 0.04-0.08mpa
it depends on the specific packaging
vacuum packaging is a kind of packaging technology in which the articles are put into the airtight container and vacuumized before the container is sealed, so that there is basically no air in the sealed container
according to different exhaust methods, there are two kinds of vacuum packaging: heating exhaust and exhaust sealing. The former is to heat the packaging container filled with food first, discharge the air in the packaging container through the thermal expansion of air and the evaporation of water in food, and then form a certain vacuum in the packaging container after sealing and cooling. On the vacuum packaging machine, the air in the packaging container is pumped out by the vacuum pump. After reaching a certain vacuum degree, it is sealed immediately to form a vacuum state in the packaging container. Compared with the heating exhaust method, the air extraction sealing method can reduce the heating time of the contents and better preserve the color, aroma and taste of food. Therefore, the air extraction sealing method is widely used, especially for products with slow conduction of heating exhaust

it refers to the vacuum degree in the food container packaged by vacuum packaging technology, which is usually 600 ~ 1333pa. Therefore, vacuum packaging can not be completely vacuum, and it is unnecessary. Therefore, vacuum packaging is also called decompression packaging or exhaust packaging.

the vacuum rolling machine adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation, and the speed range is 3-12 RPM (1-4 RPM low-speed function can be selected).

vacuum degree of general vacuum rolling and kneading machine: – 0.04MPa – -0.09mpa
vacuum degree is generally required to be -0.08 – -0.06mpa, such as making roast duck flavor ham

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