What are the effects of automatic decocting machine

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convenient, time-saving and labor-saving

automatic decocting machine is a kind of machine and equipment that replaces manual automatic decocting, and its effect comes from the traditional Chinese medicine it decocts.

the traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine has the following advantages in the process of traditional Chinese medicine decocting:
1. Firstly, due to the existence of pressure, the effective components in traditional Chinese medicine are easier to decoct and the protein of animal medicine is easier to hydrolyze
some hard minerals and shellfish drugs are not easy to decoct the active ingredients under normal temperature and pressure. The decocting rate of the active ingredients is improved through pressure and high temperature, which solves the problem of “decocting first”.
2. Due to closed decocting, aromatic drugs can be fully retained, which solves the problem of “back down”
3. The pressure and temperature in the decocting process fully kill bacteria and spores. The decocting and packaging process
is a fully closed process, ensuring the sterility and hygiene of the liquid medicine
4. The whole process of the decocting machine and the packaging machine is an automatic process. As long as the temperature, pressure and time are set, one person can count the machines
5. Due to closed boiling, the reduction of water vapor greatly improves the working environment and frees the staff from the high temperature and high humidity environment
6. Several doses of decoction can be combined. The pharmacy formula can adopt the total measurement method, which not only solves the problems of inaccurate dispensing amount and low efficiency, but also ensures the uniform distribution of concentration and composition in each dose of medicine, and there will be no problems of different taste and composition of the liquid before and after.

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