What are the enterprises on the gem at present?

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What are the enterprises on the gem at present? What are the specific enterprises in the hardware industry? It’s best to provide the basic information of these hardware enterprises. esteem it a favor.

there are now more than 700 companies listed on the gem, which cannot be listed one by one, Some of the shares listed below are for reference
300001 tride Qingdao tride Electric Co., Ltd.

300002 Shenzhou Taiyue Beijing Shenzhou Taiyue Software Co., Ltd.

300003 Lepu medical Lepu (Beijing) Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

300004 Nanfeng Nanfang fan Co., Ltd.

300005 Pathfinder Beijing Pathfinder outdoor products Co., Ltd.

300006 Laimei pharmaceutical Chongqing Laimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

300007 Hanwei electronics Henan Hanwei Electronics Co., Ltd

300008 Shanghai Jiahao Shanghai Jiahao Ship Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

300009 Anke bioengineering Anhui Anke Bioengineering (Group) Co., Ltd.

300010 lischen Beijing lischen Technology Co., Ltd.

300011 Dinghan Technology Beijing Dinghan Technology Co., Ltd.

300012 Huace testing Shenzhen Huace Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

300013 Xinning logistics Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics Co., Ltd

300014 Yiwei lithium energy Huizhou Yiwei lithium energy Co., Ltd.

300015 Aier ophthalmology Aier ophthalmology hospital group Co., Ltd.

300016 Beilu pharmaceutical Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

300017 Wangsu Technology Co., Ltd.

300018 Zhongyuan Huadian Wuhan Zhongyuan Huadian Technology Co., Ltd.

300019 Sibao Technology Chengdu Sibao Technology Co., Ltd.

300020 Yinjiang Co., Ltd.

300021 Dayu water saving Gansu Dayu water saving Group Co., Ltd.

300022 Jifeng agricultural machinery Jifeng agricultural machinery chain stock Ltd.

300023 Baode Co., Ltd. Xi’an Baode Automation Co., Ltd.

300024 robot Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd.

300025 Huaxing entrepreneurship Hangzhou Huaxing entrepreneurship Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

300026 HongRi pharmaceutical Tianjin HongRi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Company

300027 Huayi Brothers Huayi Brothers Media Co., Ltd.

300028 Jinya Technology Chengdu Jinya Technology Co., Ltd.

300029 Tianlong photoelectric Jiangsu Huasheng Tianlong Photoelectric Equipment Co., Ltd.

300030 Yangpu medical Guangzhou Yangpu medical science and Technology Co., Ltd.

300031 Baotong belt industry Wuxi Baotong belt industry Co., Ltd.

300032 Jinlong electromechanical Co., Ltd.

300033 tonghuashun Zhejiang Hexin tonghuashun Network Information Co., Ltd.

300034 Steel Research Gaona Beijing Steel Research Gaona Technology Co., Ltd.

300035 Branch Electric Hunan Zhongke Electric Co., Ltd.

300036 hypergraph software Beijing hypergraph Software Co., Ltd.

300037 xinzhoubang Shenzhen xinzhoubang Technology Co., Ltd.

300038 meitainuo Beijing meitainuo Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

300039 Shanghai Kaibao Shanghai Kaibao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

300040 Jiuzhou electric Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd.

300041 Huitian rubber industry Hubei Huitian Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

300042 Longke Technology Shenzhen Longke Technology Co., Ltd.

300043 Xinghui car model Guangdong Xinghui car Model Co., Ltd

300044 Saiwei intelligent Shenzhen Saiwei intelligent Co., Ltd.

300045 Huali chuangtong Beijing Huali chuangtong Technology Co., Ltd.

300046 Taiji Co., Ltd. Hubei Taiji Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

300047 Tianyuan dike Shenzhen Tianyuan Dike Information Technology Co., Ltd.

300048 Hekang frequency conversion Beijing Hekang Yisheng Frequency Conversion Technology Co., Ltd.

300049 Furui Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Furui ZhongMeng Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

300050 century Dingli Zhuhai century Dingli Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

300051 Sanwu interconnection Xiamen Sanwu Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd

300052 zhongqingbao Shenzhen zhongqingbao interactive network Co., Ltd.

300053 obit Zhuhai obit Control Engineering Co., Ltd.

300054 Dinglong Co., Ltd. Hubei DINGLONG Chemical Co., Ltd.

300055 million Bangda Beijing wanbangda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

30005 6 three dimensional silk Xiamen three dimensional silk environmental protection Co., Ltd.

300057 Wanshun Co., Ltd. Shantou Wanshun packaging materials Co., Ltd.

300058 blue cursor Beijing Blue cursor Brand Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

300059 Oriental Wealth Information Co., Ltd.

300061 Kangnaite Shanghai Kangnaite Optical Co., Ltd.

300062 Zhongneng electric Fujian Zhongneng Electric Co., Ltd.

300063 Tianlong Group Guangdong Tianlong ink Group Co., Ltd.

300064 Henan diamond Zhengzhou Huajing diamond Co., Ltd.

300065 hailanxin Beijing sea Lanxin Data Technology Co., Ltd.

300066 Sanchuan Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meter Co., Ltd.

300067 annuoqi Shanghai annuoqi textile and Chemical Co., Ltd.

300068 Nandu power supply Zhejiang Nandu power supply power Co., Ltd.

300069 Jinlihua electric Zhejiang Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd Co., Ltd.

300070 bishuishui Beijing bishuishui Technology Co., Ltd.

300071 Huayi Jiaxin Beijing Huayi Jiaxin Integrated Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd.

300072 Sanju environmental protection Beijing Sanju environmental protection new materials Co., Ltd.

300073 dangsheng Technology Beijing dangsheng Material Technology Co., Ltd Co., Ltd.

300074 Huaping Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huaping Information Technology Co., Ltd.

300075 digital Zhengtong Beijing Digital Zhengtong Technology Co., Ltd.

300076 Ningbo GQY Ningbo GQY video Co., Ltd.

300077 National Technology National Technology Co., Ltd.

30 0078 zhongruisichuang Hangzhou zhongruisichuang Technology Co., Ltd.

300079 digital video Beijing Digital Video Technology Co., Ltd.

300080 Xinda new material Henan Xinda New Material Co., Ltd.

300081 Hengxin mobile Hebei Hengxin mobile commerce Co., Ltd.

300082 Oak Co., Ltd. Liaoning oak Chemical Co., Ltd.

300083 Jinsheng Co., Ltd. Dongguan Jinsheng precision components Co., Ltd.

300084 Heimer technology Lanzhou Heimer Technology Co., Ltd.

300085 yinzhijie Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen yinzhijie Technology Co., Ltd.

300086 Kangzhi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hainan Kangzhi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

300087 Quanyin hi tech Anhui Quanyin hi tech Seed Co., Ltd.

300088 Changxin technology Wuhu Changxin Technology Co., Ltd.

300089 Great Wall Group Guangdong Great Wall Group Co., Ltd.

300090 Shengyun Co., Ltd. Anhui Shengyun Machinery Co., Ltd Company

300091 jintongling Jiangsu jintongling fan Co., Ltd.

300092 Kexin electromechanical Sichuan Kexin electromechanical Co., Ltd.

300093 diamond glass Guangdong Diamond Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

300094 Guolian aquatic products Zhanjiang Guolian aquatic products development Co., Ltd.

30009 5 Huawu Jiangxi Huawu brake Co., Ltd.

300096 yilianzhong yilianzhong Information Technology Co., Ltd.

300097 Zhiyun Co., Ltd. Dalian Zhiyun automation equipment Co., Ltd.

300098 gaoxinxing Guangdong gaoxinxing Communication Co., Ltd.

300099 uloka Shandong uloka automation equipment Co., Ltd.

300100 Shuanglin Co., Ltd. Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

300101 Guoteng electronics Chengdu Guoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

300102 Qianzhao optoelectronics Xiamen Qianzhao optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

300103 Dagang Road Jixi Andagang pavement machinery Co., Ltd.

4 LETV LETV information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

300105 Longyuan technology Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd.

300106 western animal husbandry Xinjiang western animal husbandry Co., Ltd.

300107 Jianxin Co., Ltd. Hebei Jianxin Chemical Co., Ltd.

300108 Shuanglong Tonghua Shuanglong chemical Co., Ltd.

300109 xinkaiyuan Boai xinkaiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

300110 Huaren pharmaceutical Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

300111 sunflower Zhejiang sunflower Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

300112 Wanxun automatic control Shenzhen Wanxun Automatic Control Co., Ltd.

300113 shunwangke Hangzhou Shunwang Technology Co., Ltd.

300114 AVIC electrometric Instrument Co., Ltd.

300115 Changying precision Shenzhen Changying Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

300116 Jianrui fire Shaanxi Jianrui fire Co., Ltd.

300117 Jiayu Co., Ltd. Beijing jiayumen Window curtain wall Co., Ltd.

300118 Dongfang Risheng Dongfang Risheng new energy Co., Ltd.

300119 Ruipu biology Tianjin Ruipu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

300120 Jingwei electric materials Tianjin Jingwei electric materials Co., Ltd.

300121 Yanggu Huatai mountain Dongyang Gu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd Ltd.

300122 Zhifei biological Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Co., Ltd

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