What are the equipment of milk tea shop? How much is the full set of milk tea equipment

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then opening a milk tea shop requires equipment:

1. Sealing machine (semi-automatic price 400-800 yuan /set, full-automatic price 1000-2000 yuan /set)

2. Ice crusher (price: 200-800 yuan /set)

3. Refrigerator (price: 1000-2000 yuan /set)

4. Freezer (price: 1200-2000 yuan /set)

5. Sand ice mixer (price: 500-1000 yuan /set)

6. Ice maker (price: 1000-2000 yuan /set)

it has the advantages of advanced technology, novel style, reasonable structure, flexible operation and convenient carrying. It has the advantages of labor-saving, time-saving and power saving. It is the best equipment for small food factories, beverage factories and catering stores. The ingenious roll film design makes the positioning of cup sealing pattern accurate and easy for users to operate

Introduction to usage specification:

there are automatic and semi-automatic for users to choose, which is suitable for the packaging of PP, PE, pet and other materials

purpose: the semi-automatic milk tea sealing machine is suitable for cup-shaped (box shaped) automatic filling and capping of milk tea, rice wine, fruit juice, soybean milk, jelly, milk, ice cream, snack food and other food and beverage

features: the semi-automatic milk tea sealing machine adopts German FESTO pneumatic control system, a full set of Nissan programmable controller, photoelectric, temperature control and stepless speed regulation system. Automatically complete the actions of cup loading, capping, filling, sealing, coding, film cutting, bottle inspection and so on. There shall be no splashing and leakage in the packaging process. The packaged products are beautiful and generous

packaging materials: packaging box: paper cup, milk tea plastic cup, carton, plastic box, sealing film: plastic film, composite film, aluminum foil film; The semi-automatic milk tea sealing machine can be customized according to the needs of customers, and the rotation of milk tea sealing film can be seen

reference to the above: Baidu Encyclopedia – milk tea sealing machine

with high profits and quick returns, milk tea stores have become one of the first choices for many newcomers to open stores in summer. So what equipment is needed to open a milk tea shop

1: sealing machine (semi-automatic price 400-800 yuan /set, fully automatic price 1000-2000 yuan /set)
2: ice crusher (price 200-800 yuan /set)
3: refrigerator (price 1000-2000 yuan /set)
4: freezer (price 1200-2000 yuan /set)
5: sand ice mixer (price 500-1000 yuan /set)
6: ice maker (price 1000-2000 yuan /set)
7: ice shovel (price 20-50 yuan /set)
8: Milk tea bucket (price 150-200 yuan /piece)
9: full set of measuring cups (price 50-80 yuan /set)
10: stainless steel bucket (price 50-150 yuan /piece)
11: sealing film (price 120-300 yuan /1000 pieces)
12: plastic milk tea cup (price 1000 yuan /500 pieces)
13: disposable straw (price 200 yuan /1000 pieces)
14: glass milk tea cup (price 10-15 yuan /piece)
15: Stainless steel super long ice spoon (price 10-20 yuan /piece)
16: milk tea powder spoon (price 5-20 yuan /piece)
17: soup bag (price 3-5 yuan /piece)
18: gas stove (price 100-200 yuan /piece)
19: Xueke cup (price 20-50 yuan /piece)
20: milk tea shaker (price 1000-2000 yuan /set)
21: disinfection cabinet (price 300-800 yuan /piece)
22: milk tea powder box (price: 10-15 yuan /piece)

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Answer the equipment needed by

 milk tea shop: console; Ice maker; Boiling water machine; Freezer; Sealing machine; Sorbet machine; cash register; LCD advertising display; Water purifier; Steam milk foaming machine; Electronic kitchen scale; Electromagnetic furnace; Pearl spoon, fruit powder spoon, milk tea bucket, ice shovel, tweezers, etc


 what is the approximate cost 


, milk tea console: it is equipped with multi-functional sink and space saving shelf, which can be customized according to the size of its own store, and the price is about 2000-3600 yuan

 2. Refrigeration console: different from the ordinary console, there is refrigeration under the console, so you don't need to buy an freezer. Because a large amount of fresh fruit is needed when making fruit tea, you can put the milk tea food raw materials directly in it to preserve the freshness of milk tea food raw materials and maintain the nutrition and taste of food. The price is about 3000-4800 yuan, Can also be customized according to the size of their own store needs

 3. Ice maker: automatic ice making. In summer, all kinds of ice drinks are very popular and use a lot. Entrepreneurs of milk tea shops can choose according to their actual production. The price is about 2800-7000 yuan

 4. Stainless steel heat preservation barrel: stainless steel liner material and multi-layer heat preservation technology can well preserve the original flavor for more than 6 hours. It is best to have more than 3 heat preservation barrels in milk tea shops. The price is about 100-200 yuan

 5. Water purifier: it has a filtration system to ensure the purity of water quality. The cost of using purified water is very high. The water purifier can directly use tap water and reduce the cost of making milk tea. The price is about 900-1900 yuan

 6. Step by step water heater: step by step heating technology, combined with microcomputer intelligent control of water volume, can make the water hot, avoid boiling water repeatedly, and ensure the health and taste of water quality. Milk tea shops use a lot of hot water every day, so it is necessary to have a good water heater, which can supply hot water anytime and anywhere. The capacity is large and small. You can buy it according to your needs, and the price is about 2000 yuan

 7. Sand ice machine: making dense sand ice and crushed ice. The price is about 800-1500 yuan

 8. Bubble machine: making bubble water without power supply, healthy and safe, and safe to use. The price is about 400-800 yuan

 9. Fructose quantitative machine: memory button of microcomputer intelligent system, one key operation, fast sugar output, and an automatic fructose quantitative machine can quickly solve the trouble of adding sugar! The price is about 2500 yuan

 10. Sealing machine: sealing machine is divided into automatic sealing machine and manual sealing machine. The full-automatic sealing machine is fully automatic controlled by microcomputer. It can roll film, seal cup and enter and exit cup automatically. The price is about 2500-3800. If the business is not busy, the players can move, and the price is about 1800 yuan

 these are the large-scale necessary equipment of milk tea shop. If the whole set of equipment comes down, it will cost about 10000-20000 yuan. In fact, there are many gadgets, such as: snow cup, measuring cup, egg beater, ice shovel, rack dividing machine, milk tea plastic cup, etc. in addition, cash register is also very necessary

11 more

first, you need to determine the type of products you make
Second, determine the grade
before you can determine the specific type of equipment
generally, the common equipment required for milk tea are as follows:
1, sealing machine
2, ice maker
3, water boiling device
4, milk tea workbench
5, water purifier
6, heat preservation bucket, fructose machine, tea extractor
7 Flat cooling workbench
8. Gadget electricity: induction cooker, Scheck cup, ounce cup, measuring cup, measuring cylinder, stirring rod, electronic scale, ti
mer, material cylinder, powder spoon, pressure extractor, filter screen, tea making cylinder, tea bag, etc.

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