What are the functions of the air separator for jasmine tea packaging?

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air separator for jasmine tea packaging: (1) function and type the function of the air separator is to distinguish the grade driven by the wind by making use of the difference of tea weight, volume and shape. There are two types of air separators: suction type and air supply type. The suction type air separator adopts axial flow fan. The fan is located at the tail end of the tea distribution box. The tea distribution box is in negative pressure state, with high air volume and high wind speed, but poor air flow stability; The blower air separator adopts a centrifugal fan. The fan is placed at the front end of the tea distribution box. The tea distribution box is under positive pressure. The air inlet of the fan is equipped with eight valves. The air volume regulation range is large, and the air flow is laminar flow, which is easy to distinguish the grade. Blowing air separators are commonly used in production

(2) main technical parameters and structure: the fan speed of the blower air separator is 500 ~ 700 rpm, and the air volume is 9000 m3 /h; The productivity is 150 ~ 250 kg /h. It is composed of centrifugal fan, air duct, tea distribution box, feeding device, etc

(3) working principle: the tea to be selected is evenly fed into the inlet of the tea distribution box by the feeding device. Under the action of wind, the falling points are different due to the different weight of tea, and the light tea and yellow film have a large windward face and a far falling point; Delicate, tight and heavy tea leaves have small windward face and close landing point; Sand, stone, metal and other non tea impurities have the nearest drop point, so as to separate tea of different quality at different distances and eliminate inclusions

(4) operation and use essentials of air separator

① pay attention to the adjustment of air door during use, try not to use small air door, and strive to keep the wind stable

② the feeding shall be uniform and curtain like, so as to improve the wind uniformity of tea

③ adjust the angle and high-low position of the dividing plate, and put it into normal production after the reclaiming meets the requirements

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