What are the printing equipment

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printing machines are divided into relief, lithography, gravure and screen printing machines according to the form of printing plate

divided into sheet fed printing machine, web printing machine, etc. according to the form of paper used

the structural forms of press printing are divided into flat press printing press, circular press printing press, stop rotary printing press, one rotary printing press, two rotary printing press, reciprocating rotary printing press, circular press printing press, etc

printing equipment is mainly composed of paper feeding device, printing device, paper receiving device and other devices


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film setter, proofing machine, computer, color jet printer, laser scanner, etc.
(2) Printing equipment:
Roller printing machine: printing newspapers, books, magazines and picture albums
Production and import;
According to the size of printing format, it can be divided into full open printing press, on-board printing press
4. Startup and 8. Startup; According to the printing color number of the printing press, it is divided into monochrome printing press, two-color printing press, four-color printing press, etc. Printing equipment is also divided into automatic operation, mechanical operation and computer fully automatic operation equipment.
(3) Post press equipment:
Some post press processing equipment, such as page remover, paper cutter, bronzing machine, embossing machine, die-cutting machine, code printer, film covering machine, binding machine and so on.
(4) Other printing equipment:
Professional self-adhesive printing machine, computer special single printing machine, business card
Special purpose machine, speed printing machine, copier, packaging, carton printing machine, etc.

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