What are the tea cutting machines for the packaging of jasmine tea?

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tea cutting machine for jasmine tea packaging: (1) function and type: the function of tea cutting machine is to cut thick tea leaves into thin pieces and long tea leaves into short pieces, so as to make the shape of tea meet the specifications and separate stems and leaves. The types of tea cutting machines include toothed roller tea cutting machine, disc tea cutting machine, spiral tea cutting machine, toothed tea cutting machine, spiral roll cutting machine, plane tea cutting machine, etc. This paper introduces the most commonly used toothed roller tea cutting machinery

(2) main technical parameters and structure: the toothed roller speed of toothed roller tea cutter is 120 ~ 150 rpm; The spacing between the moving and fixed knives and the toothed roller is 2 ~ 5mm; Specification of concave square hole of toothed roller: 4 × four × 4、6 × six × 6、8 × eight × 8、10 × ten × 10、12 × twelve × 12; The production rate is about 900 kg /h. The utility model is composed of a fixed cutter, a concave cubic hole toothed roller, a cutter passing mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a conveying device, etc. the cutter passing mechanism is equipped with a cake shaped balance weight, which plays the role of automatic cutter passing and protecting the toothed roller and cutter

(3) working principle: the tea with substandard length falls into the concave cubic hole of the toothed roll and is taken to the fixed cutter, and the part extending out of the hole is cut off by the fixed cutter. When the hard inclusion passes through, the shear force is greater than the balance torque, and the fixed cutter rotates to give up the inclusion, so as to avoid the damage of the toothed roller and cutter. After the inclusion passes through, the fixed cutter will automatically return to its original position under the action of the balance weight and continue to work

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