What are the types of turtle processing?

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the processing of soft shelled turtle started late in China, with small scale and simple equipment. The products have not yet reached a certain market share, especially in the 1990s, after some illegal manufacturers produced fake and shoddy products were exposed by the media, it brought a fatal reputation crisis to the turtle processing products, making the fragile turtle products processing industry even more depressed. Therefore, the processing of soft shelled turtle seems to be a blank for a period of time. After entering the 21st century, some processed products have come out one after another in China’s provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. The processing of soft shelled turtle has begun to be noticed again, especially after China’s entry into WTO. According to incomplete statistics, at present, except for hotels, restaurants and canteens for cooking and processing, there are less than 50 manufacturers for rough processing and deep processing, and the processing ratio accounts for only 3% of fresh and live goods. The rough processing ratio of foreign countries and Japan is 60% and that of deep processing is 40%. The types of turtle processing can be roughly divided into edible processing, rough processing, deep processing and deep processing

(1) edible processing can be divided into two types. One is called cooking processing, which is also called kitchen processing. Most of them are added and eaten now, and the processed products are not preserved or kept for a short time; The other is to make seasoning formula according to the eating taste or eating habits of different regions, machine it according to the formula, and then preserve it in vacuum. Most of the storage time is within 1 year, such as canned five spice turtle meat in Shanghai, bagged chicken juice Chinese turtle in Zhejiang, etc. At present, about 65% of the processed turtle products in China are edible

the advantage of edible processing is that the processing technology is relatively simple and the processing cost is relatively low; The disadvantage is that the storage time is short, the sales of the products are limited by regional tastes and habits, and it is not convenient to carry, so it is difficult to export the products. (2) Rough processing is also called semi-finished product processing. That is, after dividing different parts of turtle, it is made by cleaning, sterilization, vacuum packaging and other processes on the processing production line, and the products are mostly kept fresh. The advantage of rough processing is that in addition to segmentation, other production processes are relatively simple, and the products can avoid the regional limitations of consumption because they still remain fresh. In particular, after segmentation, it brings greater selectivity to consumers, which brings convenience to explore the market; The disadvantage is that consumers need to go through reprocessing. In addition, the preservation period of products is relatively short, especially the process of segmentation during processing is complex, and the export of products is only limited to surrounding countries. (3) The deep processing technology is relatively complex, and the products are mostly listed in the form of capsules, tablets, oral liquid and fine powder. The investment in deep processing is relatively large. It not only needs to build plants of corresponding scale, and the processing machinery is mostly a one-stop assembly line, but also has corresponding technical personnel and production license. Deep processed products not only have a long shelf life, but also are convenient to carry and apply. They are suitable for consumers at all levels, so the products are very suitable for developing domestic and foreign markets. At present, China’s well-known deep-processing products include Yangshengtang turtle pill, Jinglei turtle blood pill and so on. (4) Deep processing is the most cutting-edge processing, also known as component refining processing. At present, it has been carried out in Japan. As turtle has many active ingredients beneficial to human health and some disease resistance factors, the intensive processing of turtle will bring good news to human health. Therefore, the intensive processing is not only the direction of development in the future, but also the only way to improve the industrial development

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