What big companies are there in Zhongshan

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Zhongshan’s economy is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and there are few large enterprises, especially the state-owned enterprises with Big Macs. However, there are also a small number of large enterprises. The following is a list of some major local large enterprises in Zhongshan:

1. Zhongshan food and aquatic products import and Export Group Corporation

2. Zhongshan oppu Lighting Co., Ltd

3. Zhongshan Dayang Motor Co., Ltd

4. Zhongshan Huadi Gas Appliance Co., Ltd

5. Zhongshan Zhongju high tech Industrial Group Co., Ltd

6. Zhongshan public utility Group Co., Ltd

7. Guangdong Palm Garden Co., Ltd

8. Zhongshan Libao Technology Co., Ltd

9. Zhuoyingfeng garment textile (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd

10. Zhongshan Bangtai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

11. Zhongshan Meister Industrial Co., Ltd

12. Guangdong Mingyang wind power industry group Co., Ltd

13. Yajule Real Estate Co., Ltd

14. Zhongshan Zhongyue tinplate Industry Co., Ltd

15. Zhongshun jierou Paper Co., Ltd

in addition to some large local enterprises, there are also some large foreign-funded enterprises. The list is as follows:

1. Wistron Zitong (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd

2. Canon office supplies Zhongshan Co., Ltd

3. Casio electronics Zhongshan Co., Ltd

4. Perfect China (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd

5. Eaton electric (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd

6. Zhongshan Jiahua Electronics Co., Ltd

list of top 100 domestic funded enterprises in Zhongshan

1. Galanz (Zhongshan) household appliances Co., Ltd.
2. Guangdong Mingyang wind power industry group Co., Ltd.
3. Guangdong Hongji pipe pile Co., Ltd.
4. Zhongshan Huafeng lock Co., Ltd.
5. Guangdong Changqing (Group) Co., Ltd.
6. Zhongshan Tianjian electroacoustic Co., Ltd.
7 Zhongshan Taomei Far East daily necessities Co., Ltd.
8, Guangdong Omar Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
9, Yongda (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
10, Bauhinia ink (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
11, Zhongshan Huadi Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.
12, Zhongshan Galaxy Pipeline Co., Ltd.
13, Zhongshan Sihai Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
14 Guangdong Xiangshan Weighing Instrument Group Co., Ltd.
15, Zhongshan Liangyi Lighting Co., Ltd.
16, Zhongshan Litai Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.
17, Zhongshan zhuomeni Control Technology Co., Ltd.
18, Zhongshan Nanfeng Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
19, Xinyin Electronics (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
20, Guangdong Midea environmental Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
21 Zhongshan Meiri Jiebao Co., Ltd.
22, TCL air conditioner (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
23, Guangdong Jiahao Food Co., Ltd.
24, Zhongshan Huangguan Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.
25, Guangdong Zhongshan silk import and Export Group Co., Ltd.
26, Zhongshan Yingxue Group Co., Ltd.
27, Zhongshan Guanglong Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.
28 Zhongshan Xinda Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.
29, Guangdong Sanhe pipe pile Co., Ltd.
30, Zhongju high tech industry (Group) Co., Ltd.
31, Zhongshan Thermal Power Generation Co., Ltd.
32, Zhongshan Jiaming Electric Power Co., Ltd.
33, Zhongshan Gangli refrigeration parts Co., Ltd.
34, weista electric appliance (Zhongshan) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
35 Guangdong yingma Food Co., Ltd.
36, Guangdong Longdi Group Co., Ltd.
37, Zhongshan Shaxi Town Changcheng garment factory
38, rixian display products (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
39, Zhongshan Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
40, Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Company

41, Zhongshan Dahua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
42 Zhongshan Tian Mao Battery Co., Ltd.
43, Guangdong Changhong Electronics Co., Ltd.
44, Zhongshan Sheng Xing Limited by Share Ltd
45, Zhongshan Quan Xin Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.
46, Zhongshan Lian Chang spray pump Co., Ltd.
47, Zhongshan Jinsheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
48, Zhongshan Mito Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
49, Guangdong Yufeng Glass Group Limited by Share Ltd
50, Zhongshan Shengwei Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
51, Zhongshan ganglianhuakai electric appliance products Co., Ltd.
52, Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd.
53, Guangdong Tianyi Group Co., Ltd.
54, Zhongshan Songde Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
55, Zhongshan Kaixuan vacuum technology Engineering Co., Ltd.
56, CNOOC Guangdong Natural Gas Co., Ltd.
57 Zhongshan Qilang Lighting Factory Co., Ltd.
58, Zhengye packaging (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
59, Zhongshan Baide kitchen and bathroom Co., Ltd.
60, Zhongshan xiahu Shijia Clothing Co., Ltd.
61, Zhongshan OPP Lighting Co., Ltd.
62, Guangdong Jianhua pipe pile Co., Ltd.
63, Zhongshan Jinma Technology Entertainment Equipment Co., Ltd.
64 Guangdong Tieyu, Liuhe Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
Zhongshan Tongyu, Liuhe children’s products Co., Ltd.
br Zhongshan Lanju Daily Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
72, Zhongshan Dongling Weili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
73, Guangdong Zhujiang bridge Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
74, Zhongshan New Asia Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.
75, Guangdong Zhongshan food and aquatic products import and Export Group Co., Ltd.
76, Zhongshan jiadanting daily necessities Co., Ltd.
77, Zhongshan Dayang Motor Co., Ltd.
78 Gree Electric Appliance (Zhongshan) small household appliance manufacturing Co., Ltd.
79, Guangdong Sancai Shiqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
80, Zhongshan shuerlang Electronics Co., Ltd.
81, Zhongshan Kaizhong Co., Ltd.
82, Guangdong Hesheng Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
83, Zhongshun jierou Paper Co., Ltd.
84, Zhongshan Shengqiu Lighting Group Co., Ltd.
85 Zhongshan Zhonghui Investment Group Co., Ltd.

86, Guangdong tengjun Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
87, Zhongshan Shaxi Town Tongwei computer chehua garment factory
88, Zhongshan Yima Hardware Co., Ltd.
89, Zhongshan grant Industrial Co., Ltd.
90, Zhongshan Daqiao Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
91, Zhongshan Xingda circuit board Co., Ltd.
92 Zhongshan Shiyu Animation Technology Co., Ltd.
93, Guangdong Meiweixian seasoning Food Co., Ltd.
94, Guangdong JIUZHOUTONG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
95, Zhongshan Nature Wood Co., Ltd.
96, Zhongshan dinggu metal products Co., Ltd.
97, Phoenix Optics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.
98, Zhongshan RiFeng Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
99 Minsen (Zhongshan) textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd.
100, Guangdong Zhongze Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

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