What brand of plastic sealing machine is used to seal playing cards? Or what brand does the laminating machine of playing cards use? What is the difference between plastic sealing machine and film covering machine?

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I use some simple equipment to make personalized playing cards. After printing them with color printer + Intelligent poker software, would it be better to use plastic sealing machine or film covering machine? Which one works well

it is recommended to use the laminating machine. The effect of the laminating machine is generally good, and it is easy to use and can work continuously. In the past, a friend used the laminating machine to make some cards and stickers and film those stickers. He opened a text printing shop. The laminating machine was taken online. If you need it, you can ask the seller. Wang # Wang is (Butterfly dance at the ends of the earth). You can find out from him, I hope it will help you. Give me the score

I have only used the plastic sealing machine, which has common functions of thermoplastic and cold mounting. Thermoplastic is the use of high temperature to melt the plastic film together.

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use the laminating machine. The laminating machine is double-sided laminating like a business card, while the plasticizing machine is generally used for photos or certificates, such as driver’s license.

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