What brand of weight classifier is good? Generally, online weighing is equipped behind the packaging machine.

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there are many brands of weight classifiers. It is recommended to choose products from regular manufacturers. Weight sorter is also called weight classifier and weight sorter. Weight sorter is mainly used in various automatic assembly lines to sort products at multiple levels through product weight. It is widely used in on-line sorting of food and aquatic products. The materials are weighed on-line by high-precision dynamic weighing and accurately graded by industrial computer. It can directly replace manual weighing, so as to improve production efficiency, improve accuracy, reduce labor, reduce labor intensity and realize industrial automation

Casso’s CW series weight classifier can customize multiple weighing and sorting levels, up to 40. Dongguan Casso CW weight detector is divided into three sections, namely speed matching section, weighing section and sorting section. The tested products are sorted through the speed matching section to open the distance between products and let a single product enter the weighing section

after the tested product reaches the weighing section, the product weight will be weighed automatically. The equipment data high-speed processing system will compare the detected weight value with the weight standard set by the user in advance to distinguish the grade of the tested product. The weight of the products set in the third section will be excluded directly according to the weight of the equipment in the third section

you can check whether saidoris has any. His products are better.

some saidoris are too expensive and not suitable for the back of the packaging machine

recommendation: Toledo, Kunshan Ligu and Zhengjia automatic control

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