What certificate does the food packing factory need?

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food production and processing need to apply for food production license, and food sales need to apply for food business license.

the State implements a licensing system for food production and operation. Those engaged in food production, food circulation and catering services shall obtain food production license, food circulation license and catering service license according to law
food producers who have obtained food production licenses do not need to obtain food circulation licenses to sell their food at their production sites; A catering service provider that has obtained a catering service license does not need to obtain a food production and circulation license to sell its prepared and processed food in its catering service place; Farmers who sell their own edible agricultural products do not need to obtain a food circulation license
small food production and processing workshops and food vendors engaged in food production and operation activities shall meet the food safety requirements corresponding to their production and operation scale and conditions stipulated in the food safety law, and ensure that the food produced and operated is hygienic, non-toxic and harmless. The relevant departments shall strengthen supervision and management. The specific management measures shall be formulated by the provinces, autonomous regions Formulated by the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress of a municipality directly under the central government in accordance with this law
Article 35 of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China
Article 36 of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China.

according to the specific requirements of the general rules for the production license of food packaging, containers, tools and other products, the detailed rules for the examination of the production license of food plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products and relevant standards, we believe that if enterprises want to obtain the production license of food plastic packaging, they should improve and prepare the following documents:
1 Copy of business license
2. Copy of organization code certificate
3. Registered enterprise standards
4. Copies of certificates that meet the requirements issued by the local environmental protection department (environmental impact reply and acceptance report or certificates issued by the competent environmental protection department)
5. The enterprise self declaration that the raw and auxiliary materials used by the enterprise comply with the provisions of national laws and regulations, mandatory standards and safety and health requirements
6. When the types of raw and auxiliary materials used by the enterprise exceed the scope specified in the national standards, the safety evaluation report issued by the safety evaluation organization shall be submitted
7. Product type inspection report
8. Product instruction manual or product label
9. Quality production management system: specify the quality responsibilities, authorities and project relations of relevant departments and personnel, especially the responsibilities and authorities of inspection departments and personnel
10. Quality assessment methods
11. Cleaner production system
12. Name of manufacturer, equipment specification, quantity, etc
13. List of inspection instruments and equipment (including: instrument, equipment name, specification and model, quantity, manufacturer, etc.)
14. List of existing standards
15. Various procedures, operation instructions and other process documents required in the production process
16. List of process document catalogue, process card, process card, operation instruction and inspection procedure
17. Document management system
18. Procurement quality control system
19. Qualification inspection certificate or report of raw and auxiliary materials
20. Evaluation criteria for raw and auxiliary material suppliers
21. Account of raw and auxiliary materials
22. Procurement documents (such as procurement plan, procurement list and procurement contract)
23. Process flow chart and marking key control points
24. Management methods and operation control procedures of key control points
25. Inspection management system and management system of inspection equipment and measuring instruments
26. Management measures for nonconforming products
27. Sales records and recall system of sold nonconforming products
28. Returned goods management system
29. Safety production system

the above are some necessary documents. During the specific verification, we should also consult the sub documents and relevant records, and conduct detailed assessment and evaluation according to the 53 requirements of the detailed rules. The era of relying only on experience, relationship and fluke is over. Only with a realistic attitude, active investment and careful implementation is the fundamental guarantee for obtaining the production license.

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