What does tea packaging mean by “iron box, cardboard box, porcelain bottle”?

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Do you pay attention to the design? Are there any rules on shape and size? Is the iron box consistent with the cardboard box? What do porcelain bottles do??

you can choose iron box for tea packaging, because the density of iron box and aluminum box is high and it is not easy to lose flavor. It is good for tea preservation, and the shape can be cylinder. Square, mainly to consider how to take it to be convenient and beautiful. Cartons are rarely used, and there are some. People who use cartons generally use cardboard boxes. In this way, it is not easy for tea to seep in when it is kept fresh in the refrigerator. Porcelain bottle is a bottle made of porcelain. It is better to hold old tea, and the design can be generous, simple and beautiful. Something similar to an antique shape is also good.

if you need iron box packaging, you can go to this factory – Jinyu can making. There are many kinds.

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