What food processing enterprises are there in Zhengzhou, Henan?

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What are the famous food processing enterprises in Henan?

missing, Sanquan, Tianbing, Jinxing, oak, Huahuaniu, Tianfang, Yunhe, Cody, Guangming Mountain Alliance, robust water

missing, Sanquan

missing, Sanquan, Yunhe, Tianfang,


Zhengzhou Senpu Food Co., Ltd. specializes in agent processing and has a complete set of imported automatic production machinery and equipment for cooking processing. It has realized automatic production from cutting, cooking and packaging to ensure that each environment is safe, standard and uniform taste. Advanced standardized production process, large-scale industrial production equipment and production site of 8s management system provide customers with various professional cooperative production modes, such as OEM production, ODM production, OBM production, etc

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