What information should be provided to the printing factory to make a packing box

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Such as theme

the packing box file you made ~ ~ that’s it ~! To mark the length of each side and the position of the broken line, you can use gray line or auxiliary line ~. In addition, you can set the bleeding line ~ ~ or ask the printing factory to set ~! In addition, if there is a spot color, mark the color of the spot color ~! Finally, convert all colors to CMYK ~!

we need to print packaging boxes. At least these points should be provided: 1 Specification 2 Material (paper) 3 Print electronic archives (color and content)
if you don’t know what specifications you want, you can choose the box shape and material in the printing factory. If you don’t have electronic files, you can ask the printing to help design

it means to make a 40x30x15 packing box, just mark the number on it, right? At the same time, mark the broken line with auxiliary line That’s what upstairs means thank you very much!

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