What is a packer?

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How does the packer work

packer, also known as strapping machine or strapping machine, is a machine that uses strapping belt to wrap products or packages, then tighten and melt both ends through thermal effect or connect them with materials such as buckle. The function of the packer is to make the plastic belt close to the surface of the bound package, so as to ensure that the package will not be scattered due to loose binding during transportation and storage, and it should also be bound neatly and beautifully

different categories
1 By use: waste paper baler, metal baler, straw baler, cotton baler, plastic baler, etc.
2 By performance: automatic packer, semi-automatic packer, manual packer, full-automatic packer, etc.
3 According to the mechanism, it is divided into: unmanned packer, full-automatic horizontal packer, full-automatic sword piercing packer, full-automatic pressurized sword piercing packer, full-automatic pressurized packer, portable packer, etc
use standard classification
1 Manual packer: manual operation is required to complete the whole process. Under normal circumstances, there are ways of electric hot melting and iron buckle clamping
2. Semi automatic packer:
only after manually inserting the packing belt can the machine automatically complete the packing process of belt gathering, bonding, cutting and belt out. Because each product needs manual operation
3. Automatic packer: there is no need to insert the tape manually. The trigger modes include inching, manual, continuous playing, ball switch and foot switch. Just press the switch to complete the packing automatically, which is convenient and fast
4. Full automatic unmanned packer: no manual tape insertion, just setting: automatically complete the whole process of tape gathering, bonding, cutting and tape out. According to the demand, 1-5 bales can be customized, and the speed is 2.0 seconds /lane
classification of high and low machines
1 high automatic packer
2 high semi-automatic packers
3 low automatic packers
4 low semi-automatic packers

the main function of the packer is to replace the manual binding work close to the surface of the bound package. Compared with manual packaging, it has the advantages of fast speed and beauty. It can be seen in post offices, logistics centers, current Taobao sellers, Taobao Mall, factories and many other places, and has gradually become a necessity

from the perspective of purpose, the baler can be divided into: metal baler, waste paper baler, cotton baler, straw baler and straw baler

from the perspective of the binding materials used by the baler, it can be divided into: PP belt strapper, steel belt strapper

from the perspective of the joint of the strapping belt of the strapping machine, it can be divided into: fusion strapper Buckle binding machine

from the shape and structure of the packer, it can be divided into: basic packer (mostly standing operation), side packer (mostly packaging from the side of the object), pressurized packer, opening and closing track packer (mostly suitable for the packaging of circular arc objects), horizontal track packer Portable baler (light and easy to operate)

from the perspective of the applicability of the baler, it can be divided into full-automatic baler, manual baler, semi-automatic baler and automatic baler

the packer, also known as the bundling machine, is a packing tool that uses PP packing belt to bind and pack the packed articles. Its function is to bind the packed articles tightly. According to the degree of automation of the packer, it is divided into semi-automatic packer and full-automatic packer.

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