What is modified atmosphere packaging machine

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the fresh-keeping principle of modified atmosphere packaging machine is to replace the air in the packaging with protective gas, so that the food is placed in the protective gas environment, the growth and reproduction of bacteria and molds causing food corruption are inhibited and antiseptic, the color of fresh meat is protected, and the aging process of fresh fruits and vegetables is delayed, so as to prolong the fresh-keeping period of food. The common fresh-keeping gases are composed of oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) and a small amount of special gases. CO2 gas can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most aerobic spoilage bacteria and molds. It is the main gas bacteriostatic agent in the protective gas. O2 gas can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most anaerobic spoilage bacteria, maintain the color of fresh meat and maintain the aerobic respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables. N2 gas is an inert gas and does not work with food. As a filling gas, it forms a protective gas with O2 and CO2

the company took the lead in launching the imported technology modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine in the world, with the replacement rate reaching 99%, renovating the mileage of the whole modified atmosphere packaging of food. Moreover, the high-precision mixer imported from Germany is adopted, and the mixing proportion error is only ≥ 2%, so as to achieve an ultra long preservation period, 7-10 days for cold fresh meat and 12-15 days for cooked food, which not only makes the packaging accuracy more stable and unified, but also makes the packaging speed twice that of similar products. It solves the contradiction between speed and precision of modified atmosphere packaging. It is a cost-effective product in the market.

I don’t know. It’s just the vacuum packaging of the lunch box. Make a gimmick called modified atmosphere fresh-keeping machine

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