What is quantitative packaging scale

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quantitative packaging scale & nbsp; Bagging packing scale is an automatic weighing instrument in weighing instrument classification in China

  According to the catalogue of GB /T 14250-2008 & nbsp; terms of weighing:

& nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; gravity automatic loading scale & nbsp; automatic filling :

  An automatic weighing apparatus that divides bulk materials into predetermined and actually constant mass loads and loads the loads into containers. It is basically composed of automatic feeding device associated with weighing unit and corresponding control and unloading device

  & nbsp; & nbsp; quantitative packaging scale & nbsp; bagging packing scale:

  Gravity type automatic loading weighing apparatus with packaging structure. For example: net weight quantitative packaging scale, gross weight quantitative packaging scale, etc

what is quantitative packaging scale — basic knowledge of quantitative packaging scale (1)

quantitative packaging scale is a kind of measuring instrument, which is an automatic loading scale. Specifically, it is a dynamic scale. In addition to the weighing function of general static scale, its main function is to automatically feed until the set quantitative value.

the quantitative packaging scale weighs the materials quantitatively according to the requirements, and then bags and seals them instead of manual bagging, which greatly improves the work efficiency

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