What is the approximate budget of a full-automatic rice packaging production line?

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the price of non-standard products is hard to say. Just like the automatic packaging production line of Zhongyu technology, the price and accessories used by each equipment are different. Therefore, the price is not easy to estimate. This can only be solved through the sincere synthesis of both parties.

the process of rice processing equipment is divided into three stages: rice pre cleaning section, rice hulling separation section, rice milling and finished product finishing section
the process flow of the rice cleaning section is: rice → preliminary cleaning → removing impurities (sand, stone, metal and barnyard grass, etc.) → cleaning rice
the process flow of hulling and rice separation section is: clean rice → hulling → rice husk separation → rough rice separation → rough rice separation
the process flow of the rice milling and finished product finishing section is as follows: roughening → primary whitening → secondary fine milling → grading → cool rice → white rice grading → polishing → white rice grading → secondary polishing → drum selection → color selection → rice blending → metering and packaging → finished product warehousing
rice processing equipment is mainly composed of coarse grain cleaner, stone remover, huller, separator, rice mill, classifier, large rice color separator, polishing machine, conveyor, etc
the capacity and configuration of equipment are uncertain, and the cost cannot be discussed in one word

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