What is the difference between aluminized film and aluminum foil film?

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there are mainly the following methods to quickly distinguish aluminum foil and aluminized film:

difference 1: different shape

aluminum foil film: in terms of color, the package is silver white or silver gray; The reflectivity is not as good as aluminum film

aluminized film: the package is silver yellow or silver black; High brightness

difference 2: different hand feeling

aluminum foil film: thick, straight and heavy hand feeling

aluminized film: feel lighter and softer than aluminum foil packaging

difference 3: different folding difficulty

aluminum foil film: the package is easy to have dead folds and dead marks after folding

aluminized film: aluminized packaging will not, and will rebound soon

difference 4: whether it is easy to burn

aluminum foil film: the packaging is lit with fire, which is not easy to burn, and the aluminum layer will roll back. After burning, the aluminum foil packaging will leave gray aluminum slag

aluminized film: different plastic films will burn during film combustion, and there is no residue of aluminum slag

reference: Baidu Encyclopedia entry – aluminized film

the difference between aluminized film and aluminum foil can be divided into the following points

1) aluminized film is a thin aluminum layer cooked on the plastic film. Its essence is plastic film, while aluminum foil is metal

2) the barrier property of aluminized film is far better than that of aluminum foil, because the thickness of aluminum layer is less than that of aluminum foil

3) there are many kinds of aluminized film, such as aluminized PET film, aluminized CPP film, aluminized OPP film, aluminized PVC film, aluminized nylon film, aluminized PE film, and even aluminized TPU film. Aluminum foil is aluminum foil. Of course, the thickness and purpose of aluminum foil are different. I won’t introduce it in detail here

4) low cost of aluminum coating and high cost of aluminum foil

for more differences, you can see the video tutorial

002 describe aluminized film and video from: Youku

aluminized film is made of thin films such as PP and pet through vacuum evaporation of aluminum layer; Aluminum foil film is a film composed of aluminum foil and plastic film The aluminum coating is very thin, with a thickness of 300-400 angstroms, and the aluminum foil is about 0.01mm.

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