What is the difference between aluminum plastic composite film and aluminum foil composite film?

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aluminum plastic composite film is divided into aluminum plastic film and aluminum-plated composite film
aluminum plastic film
folding structure composition
1. PET /aluminized CPP (light product use structure)
2. PET /Al /PE (use structure below 10kg)
3. PET /Al /CPP (pesticide use structure)
4. PET /Al /NY /PE (heavy packaging use structure)
aluminized composite film structure
Pet aluminized + PE
aluminum foil composite film is the most commonly used composite roll film, which usually contains pure aluminum (AL) and aluminized (VMPET)
aluminum foil is an extremely thin sheet formed by calendering high-purity aluminum for many times. It is an excellent heat conductor and sunshade.
the purity of aluminum foil for packaging is more than 99.5%
vacuum aluminum plating film is a kind of film that deposits aluminum vapor onto various base films under high vacuum. The thickness of aluminum plating layer is generally 350-400a.

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