What is the difference between automatic assembly line and ordinary production line?

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xingqiantian lean production line expert: the difference between automatic assembly line and ordinary production line is that automation or low-cost automation, combined with the concept of lean, is more in line with modern assembly enterprises and the modern mainstream. This line is also called lean production line.

the biggest difference is people. The number of people is reduced, which reduces the employment cost of the enterprise and improves the production capacity

the types of production lines are divided into product production lines and parts production lines according to the scope, flow production lines and non flow production lines according to the pace, and automatic production lines and non automatic production lines according to the degree of automation

the basic principle of production line is to decompose a repeated production process into several sub processes. The former sub process creates execution conditions for the next sub process, and each process can be carried out simultaneously with other sub processes. In short, it is “functional decomposition, sequential in space, overlapping and parallel in time”

the feature of the production line is that each process is completed by a specific person step by step. Each person does a specific job.

the advantage is that it will produce faster because everyone only needs to do one thing, They are very familiar with what they do.

the disadvantage is that people who work will feel very boring.

automatic line is to form a highly continuous and fully automatic production line by using a set of machinery and equipment that can automatically process, detect, load, unload and transport. It is further developed and formed on the basis of continuous assembly line. It is an advanced form of production organization

its development trend is to improve the adjustability, expand the process range, improve the processing accuracy and automation degree, and combine with the computer to realize the overall automatic workshop and automatic chemical plant

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