What is the difference between pet vacuum bag and PA vacuum bag? Is the effect better and the price different?

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generally, PE + pet bags have good adhesion and transparency, and they are also the most commonly used materials for bags
however, the disadvantage of this vacuum bag is that it is relatively brittle. If some products require high vacuum pumping, they may leak air
PA vacuum bag is much more flexible than PE + pet, and the vacuum pumping is relatively stable. If many products need to be vacuumized for a long time, they need to use PA vacuum bag
relatively speaking, PA, that is, nylon, is more expensive than pet, so the bag made of PA vacuum bag is more expensive than pet vacuum bag. What is the specific use A product depends on the requirements of the product to be installed; Suzhou Fuhe packaging materials Co., Ltd. & gt; It’s professional to make these composite bags. You can find their company in Baidu. Last time, I also found Mr. Wu of their company to help me deal with an urgent order. I feel good. I hope I can help you

the material of compression bag is generally PE + pet bag, which has good adhesion and is also the material used more in bags now
however, the disadvantage of this vacuum compression bag is that it is relatively brittle
moreover, mope compression bags are common in supermarkets. The bags made of this material have poor adhesion and are easy to leak. They are particularly soft and feel better than other bags
at present, most export compression bags are made of PA + PE, which has good flexibility, high adhesion and is not easy to leak, so the cost is also relatively high
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