What is the significance of reasonable packaging

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in the process of packaging, appropriate materials and technologies are used to make containers suitable for articles, so as to save packaging costs and reduce packaging costs. It is a comprehensive packaging management activity that not only meets the requirements of packaging, commodity protection, convenient storage and transportation and favorable sales, but also improves the economic benefits of packaging. Packaging rationalization and standardization are “one twin”, which are interdependent and promote each other. To realize the rationalization of packaging, we need to strengthen management from the following aspects: (1) widely adopt advanced packaging technology. The improvement of packaging technology is the key to realize the rationalization of packaging. We should promote packaging methods such as buffer packaging, antirust packaging and moisture-proof packaging, and use different packaging techniques to meet the requirements of packaging, loading, unloading, storage and transportation of different commodities. (2) From disposable packaging to reusable turnover packaging. (3) Combined unit loading technology is adopted, that is, pallet and container are used for combined transportation. Pallets and containers are the trinity of packaging, transportation and storage logistics equipment, which is the basis of realizing logistics modernization. (4) Promote packaging standardization. (5) Adopt the logistics form without packaging. For commodities that need to be transported in large quantities (such as cement, coal, grain, etc.), the labor, material resources, funds and materials consumed by packaging are very large. If special bulk equipment is adopted, higher technical and economic effects can be obtained. Bulk packaging is not without packaging, it is a kind of changed packaging, that is, the transformation from single small packaging to collective large packaging. That is, to achieve the basic function of packaging and protect products during transportation.

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