What is vacuum forming

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vacuum forming
is often called blister. It is a plastic processing process. The main principle is to heat and soften the flat plastic hard sheet, absorb it on the mold surface by vacuum, and form it after cooling. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries
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Vacuum Packaging: the general name of plastic products produced by blistering process and encapsulated by corresponding equipment
vacuum packaging products include: bubble shell, tray, blister box, and synonyms include: vacuum cover, bubble cover, etc
the main advantages of vacuum packaging are saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation and good sealing performance, which meet the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging; It can pack any special-shaped products without additional cushioning materials; The packaged products are transparent and visible, beautiful in appearance, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanized and automatic packaging, convenient for modern management, saving manpower and improving efficiency
vacuum packaging equipment mainly includes: Blister molding machine, punch, sealing machine, high-frequency machine and folding machine
packaging products formed by packaging can be divided into card insertion, card suction, double bubble shell, half bubble shell, half folded bubble shell, three folded bubble shell, etc
vacuum forming is to reheat and soften the thermoplastic sheet or sheet (thickness less than 6mm) and place it on the mold with many small holes. The vacuum method is adopted to make the sheet tightly suck on the mold for forming. This method has fast forming speed and easy operation, but the surface of the product is rough and the error of size and shape is large first
vacuum forming
the so-called vacuum forming refers to the method of drawing a vacuum state between the mold and the heated thermoformed sheet (plate) by relying on the vacuum pump, resulting in a pressure difference between the top and bottom of the sheet (plate), so that the sheet is tightly covered on the surface of the mold. Vacuum forming can be divided into several forms: single male mold (male mold), single female mold (female mold), no mold and so on
1. Single positive die vacuum forming
single positive die vacuum forming is also known as punch vacuum forming, covering vacuum forming or vacuum forming. The technological process is that the plastic sheet is clamped with the clamping frame and heated, and the small hole of vacuum pumping is opened on the convex model surface. After the sheet is softened, the clamping frame moves down or the punch moves up, so that the sheet is stretched. After the clamping frame is in contact with the punch and sealed, the punch is vacuumized, and the pressure difference makes the sheet stick on the surface of the punch to form. After cooling and shaping, blowing and demoulding, the finished parts are obtained
single female mold vacuum forming
single female mold vacuum forming is also called female mold vacuum forming, which is directly or simply formed. The technological process is that the sheet is clamped on the die, and the cavity at the lower part of the die is provided with a small hole for vacuum pumping. The die is both a vacuum chamber and a forming cavity. After the sheet is softened by heating, the concave die is vacuumized. The pressure difference between atmospheric pressure and vacuum makes the sheet stretched and close to the concave die cavity for forming. After cooling and shaping, it is demoulded by blowing, and the finished part is obtained after trimming
molding without mold
vacuum molding without mold is called molding without mold, also known as free molding. The forming method is used for blowing various cover bodies

the landlord’s question “vacuum molding” may refer to the “blistering” process of plastic products
many small holes are opened on the plastic mold of “vacuum forming” and connected with the vacuum pump to reduce the pressure, resulting in the negative pressure on the mold surface, so that the plastic can be closely attached to the mold during forming. Such products such as refrigerator liner, door leaf embossing film and so on
“vacuum forming” equipment can also be used for hot pressing and other processing methods.

VPI silica gel vacuum molding process can effectively reduce odor and waste. It is not only easy to operate and learn, but also optimize the production environment and fundamentally solve the problem

it has the following advantages:
① improve the working environment, reduce pollution and ensure personnel health
② improve production efficiency
③ improve product quality
④ reduce waste
⑤ reduce the comprehensive cost

VPI silica gel vacuum forming production process:
(1) prepare FRP molds with clean, dry and bright surfaces and coat demoulding products
(2) spray the corresponding gel coat according to the product requirements
(3) after the gel coat is dry, lay the fiber reinforced material according to the product requirements
(4) cover and fill with reusable silica gel vacuum bag after paving
(5) start the vacuum equipment and extract the air in the silica gel until the vacuum state
(6) connect the filling pipe to the vacuum pipe, introduce the special resin and the corresponding amount of resin into the vacuum, and maintain the pressure maintaining state during the resin curing process
(7) after the resin is cured, close the vacuum equipment and open the silica gel mold
(8) finish demoulding the product

after careful consideration, a benchmark customer in a subdivided industry chose VPI silica gel vacuum forming process, which was professionally guided by Bohao technicians throughout the process. Bohao also has many such customer cases

the composite industry is a sunrise industry with light weight, high strength and wide coverage. However, at the same time, it also has short board, such as waste disposal, odor, dust, poor production environment and so on. If these problems are not properly solved, it is bound to affect the future development of the enterprise. (Guangdong Bohao is an overall solution service provider in the composite industry, committed to providing customers with more perfect composite product solutions, more top-notch composite process and technical services, and more advanced composite mold design and manufacturing.)

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