What kind of machine is used for heat shrinkable film packaging of toilet swing door

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I want to open a small bathroom aluminum alloy flat door factory. I don’t know what machine is used to pack the door with the heat shrinkable film

there are many methods. I sell shrink film. I’ll give you a few for your reference. If you want a smooth surface, please shrink it with steam or boiled water. This is a wet shrinkage method. If you want to use a dry method, you can use a heat shrinkable machine and heat the shrink film by heating the heat pipe, If you don’t understand anything, you can contact me, Huang Sheng

of course, it’s a heat shrinkable film packaging machine. Just search the packaging machinery online to find the specifications you want

heat shrinkable film packaging machine
heat shrinkable film packaging machine, also known as heat shrinkable packaging machine (also known as shrink packaging machine, heat shrinkable machine, shrink machine, film wrapping machine, etc.), is mainly used to wrap the product with heat shrinkable film before heating, so that the product can be tightly wrapped after the film shrinks. Heat shrinkable machines are widely used in the single, collective or combined packaging of food, beverage, medicine, daily chemicals, hardware, wood products, cultural goods, printing products, plastic products, glass products, electronic components and other products. Shrink packed products are not only beautiful and generous, saving packaging costs, but also can be used for promotional combination packaging. At the same time, they have sealing, dust-proof, moisture-proof and anti-theft properties.

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