What kind of vacuum packaging material is good

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in recent years, China’s pharmaceutical packaging industry has developed rapidly. The demand for plastic packaging and plastic bottles is increasing day by day, and the plastic packaging is also growing

within five years, it is still a key period for the rapid development of China’s pharmaceutical industry, which contains attractive and huge business opportunities. Plastic packaging materials are mainly divided into film and plastic. They are one of the larger fields in the application of plastic products. They are widely used in tobacco, food and beverage and daily chemical products. At present, plastic packaging accounts for more than 1 /3 of the total output of packaging materials, ranking first among all kinds of packaging materials. Each packaging form is divided into many varieties because of different uses and materials

the reason why plastic bottles are widely used is that they have a series of advantages, such as light weight, firmness and durability, good barrier, easy molding, changeable shape, low cost and so on. They are very competitive in the packaging industry. Since the birth of plastic packaging, it has become the first of all kinds of packaging materials.

I want to find transparent vacuum packaging materials with good sealing effect, but there are many kinds of materials, so I don’t know how to choose them

plastic films used for vacuum packaging are usually compounded with films with good heat sealing performance such as PE and PP to form composite materials with good comprehensive packaging performance. It should be noted that single-layer PE and PP cannot be used for vacuum and inflatable packaging due to their high air permeability
plastic films used for inflatable packaging are generally required to have good resistance to nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen. Composite packaging films based on pet, PA, PVDC and eval are often selected. For flavor food, it is also required that the packaging has the effect of avoiding light and displaying, and the composite packaging material based on A1 foil is often selected. Choose according to the materials you need to pack. If you need to order a vacuum packaging machine, you can consult Guangke Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

the requirements for vacuum packaging materials mainly include the following points:
(1) the main purpose of gas resistance is to prevent oxygen in the atmosphere from re entering the vacuum packaging bag and avoid the growth of aerobic bacteria. Ethylene and ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer have good gas resistance. If the requirements are very strict, a layer of aluminum foil can be used
(2) water vapor barrier shall be able to prevent water evaporation of products. The most commonly used materials are polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyvinylidene chloride and other films
(3) the fragrance barrier performance shall be able to maintain the fragrance of the product itself and prevent some bad external odors from penetrating into the packaging products. Polyamide and polyethylene mixed materials can generally meet the requirements in this regard
(4) shading light will promote the oxidation of meat and affect the color of meat. As long as the product is not directly exposed to the sun, a transparent film without shading is usually used. According to the increasing order of shading efficiency, the methods adopted are: printing, coloring, coating polyvinylidene chloride, gold, adding a layer of aluminum foil, etc
(5) mechanical properties the most important mechanical properties of packaging materials are the ability to prevent tearing and seal damage.

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