What materials are used for pesticide packaging?

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There are many claims on the Internet that glass bottles account for the majority (60%) and plastic bottles account for only 10% But the result of my investigation is that plastic bottles account for the majority Please give advice from experts in the industry!

1. Pesticide packaging is based on the characteristics of pesticides. Some pesticides with strong acidity or alkalinity cannot be packaged in plastic bottles
2. Pesticide packaging materials generally include the following PET bottles (i.e. plastic bottles), PE bottles, composite bottles, aluminum bottles and glass bottles
3. At present, most pesticides use plastic bottles or composite bottles, of which 70% are plastic bottles, 5% PE bottles, 15% composite bottles and about 10% glass bottles
4. Most manufacturers are reluctant to use glass bottles, mainly because they are easy to break during transportation.

most of them are plastic

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