What materials do you need to bring for the record of entry-exit inspection and quarantine application units? Thank you for your guidance!!!

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new enterprises need to go through a lot of procedures, especially when it comes to import and export rights. You can do the same first. After the foreign trade operation rights are completed, you can go to the customs, commodity inspection and foreign exchange administration to handle relevant businesses. First, you can do the most difficult customs registration. This is the most troublesome and difficult to do. You can go to the local customs, What specific procedures should you take to avoid more trips? Generally, you need the certificate of your foreign trade operation right, and then you need the copy of the company’s business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, etc. you need to bring the original and copy and affix the official seal, and then go to the customs to fill in a form and wait for the three-level approval of the customs. The customs may go to your company for factory inspection, That is to see whether the situation of your company and the situation you filled in are true. After this is done, you can go to the E-port to apply for the IC card. There is a fixed time to apply for the IC card. We can only do it every Monday in Shenyang. We don’t work at other times. You’d better confirm before you go. You need to bring the business license, customs registration book, national tax and organization code certificate to apply for the IC card, The original and copy of the approval certificate of foreign trade operation right shall be stamped with the official seal, and the form shall be filled in there. Before going, please say hello to the ID card of the legal person and relevant information, because it is necessary to fill in the form, and then the cost is about 800-1000 yuan. Generally, if you go in the morning, you can get two IC cards (legal person card and operator card) in the afternoon of the same day, After that, you can go to the safe. The company first applies for a foreign currency account, and then writes an application to apply for the write off form business. Or do you take those things directly to the safe to get a small copy, that is, the write off form registration book, which can apply for the sales form, and then handle the easiest commodity inspection, register on the China Inspection online, and then print out the application form, Affix the official seal and take the things required on the application form to the local entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau for handling. There is no cost and the certificate can be issued on the spot. After you have the book number, you can handle the entrance and exit. That’s it. In addition, it’s best to take the official seal, corporate seal and relevant materials with you when going through this procedure. You can copy it on the spot if necessary, so as to avoid you coming again. You’d better call and consult before you go and implement the required materials.

there are still differences in the materials handled by different places

Shanghai only needs a business license, import and export registration certificate + official seal + money, which can be done on the spot

you’d better call first and ask the switchboard to transfer to the filing section.

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