What procedures do you need to go through to open a noodle processing factory?

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Is that all? Is there any detail?

it depends on your local situation. Generally speaking, if it is only small workshop production, you only need to apply for the industrial and commercial business license and health license (in most areas of several provinces I have been to, if it is small workshop production, you can have these two licenses, and some places do not need any procedures until now)

if your production scale is slightly larger If your local government has standardized this management and pays more attention to food safety, there are many procedures to go through. In addition to industrial and commercial business license, tax registration certificate, food production license, hygiene license and QS quality certification, the production equipment must pass the inspection of the quality supervision department, In some areas, the procedures of fire control and water conservancy departments should also be handled. (of course, these can only be paid)

hygiene license, fire protection and environmental protection

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 the following procedures are required to run a fresh noodles processing factory: 

 1. To set up a fresh vermicelli processing plant, generally speaking, first go to the Administration for Industry and Commerce for business license, 

 2. Take the business license to the tax bureau for tax registration certificate and the Technical Supervision Bureau for enterprise code certificate, 

 3. After decorating the plant, go to the health bureau to apply for a health license, and the operators should have a physical examination and get a health certificate

 4. In addition, if the product is finely packaged and enters a large supermarket, it is also necessary to register trademarks, bar codes, QS and other certificates

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