What professional knowledge does a packaging engineer need? For paper packaging

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if you want to become a professional and comprehensive paper packaging designer, you must first understand the relevant knowledge of packaging structure design (paper container), packaging materials and how to select them, as well as the relevant knowledge of paper packaging production equipment (including packaging machinery and paper packaging production process). In addition, We should also understand the printing and post-processing of paper packaging (sterilization, anti-counterfeiting and other technologies). In addition, if the decoration design is not directly provided by customers, but designed by ourselves, the relevant design software, Photoshop, AtuoCAD and so on should also be able to use, The commonly used paper packaging design software in the industry is artioscad (the most widely used packaging structure design software. Artioscad has special tools specially designed for packaging experts, which are suitable for structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing). That’s what I can think of now. I used to do packaging chores for apple computer. I know a little about it, Hope to help you!

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