What qualification certification should the machinery industry handle

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equipment manufacturing enterprise qualification refers to the qualification certificate of Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprise issued by the qualification certification authority, which meets the qualification conditions of equipment manufacturing enterprise, including qualification category, grade, business scope and certificate number
for the qualification certification of equipment manufacturing enterprises, the “one license and one certificate” system is implemented, that is, the business scope of the manufacturing unit applying for qualification certification is consistent with the content of the business license for enterprise legal person

industry category and qualification level of equipment manufacturing enterprises
the industry classification of equipment manufacturing enterprises is: general equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industry, transportation equipment manufacturing industry, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, communication equipment, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry, instrument and culture, office machinery manufacturing industry
the qualification level of equipment manufacturing enterprises is divided into special level, first level, second level, third level and fourth level
managers and professional technicians of enterprises applying for equipment manufacturing qualification certification shall have corresponding qualification certificates. Skilled workers of special types of work must hold special operation certificates issued by relevant national departments
the qualification level assessment content of equipment manufacturing enterprises
equipment manufacturing enterprises require certification, they shall submit materials in accordance with the certification measures, and ensure the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of materials
qualification grade assessment includes the following main items:
1. Enterprise registered capital scale
2. The total number of employees and the proportion of middle and senior technicians
3. Number of independent intellectual property rights
4. Product market share and export earning capacity
5. Whether it has won the honorary title granted by relevant departments at or above the national, provincial and ministerial levels
6. Whether it is subject to administrative punishment by relevant competent departments
7. Whether the setting of enterprise departments is scientific and reasonable and whether various management systems are perfect
8. Whether the equipment produced by the enterprise is innovative in energy conservation, environmental protection and consumption reduction
9. Other materials;

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