What’s the difference between a dough machine and a kneading machine for steamed bread

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Functions of kneading machine and dough machine

manufacturer’s product catalogue of flour processing equipment (flour deep processing equipment)

unit name, product name, model and parameters
the complete set of equipment of pm420-1a paomo production line of Zhengzhou Jindu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is 600 bags /h. Coal consumption: 60kg /h, power: 58kw. The machine is exquisite and fully in line with the green instrument food system. It is easy to operate and reliable to use. It has good performance. The water content of the produced steamed buns is less than 10%, and the preservation time is one year. It can be soaked with boiling water above 80 degrees, and the rehydration time is less than 3 minutes
qyj-48 signature cake machine of Dongtai food machinery factory is a sweet crisp cake shaped like a “Yuanbao” with an auspicious language paper label. It is a food with Chinese national cultural characteristics. Signature cake is generally used as dessert in restaurants, and can also be used as leisure and entertainment food
dhs-1420 automatic egg crispy machine is used to produce egg crispy, a nutritious food with peanuts, eggs and flour as raw materials. The machine has novel design, energy saving and high efficiency
jvz1220 automatic egg roll machine is a new type of food processing machine. It adopts far-infrared drying and can stir flour, starch, edible oil, eggs and sugar into beautiful egg rolls
jvz1220a automatic egg roll machine
ZJ – 200 multi-purpose frying machine. The machine can use far-infrared or gas heating to fry fish skin, peanut, peanut fruit, melon seeds, rice and other fried food. The machine is designed with reference to foreign advanced prototype, which is energy-saving and efficient
jw-75 blender stirs all kinds of food pastes. Output: 200 kg /h
dx-20a egg core filling machine is matched with JYZ series automatic egg core filling machine to produce high-grade core filling egg rolls
gj-200 fish skin rolling machine. This machine is used for making fish skin and peanut. It can be produced with 2-3 frying machines
microwave cake powder technology of Jiangxi Institute of grain and oil science and technology microwave cake powder is composed of flour, sugar, etc. consumers only need to add an appropriate amount of water and eggs to microwave cake powder, mix them well, and send them to microwave oven for heating for two or three minutes to get a qualified nutritional cake, or add various preserved fruits, preserves, meat products, etc. according to consumers’ preferences, You can get cakes with different flavors. Therefore, it has been welcomed by the market

manufacturer’s product catalogue of flour processing equipment (flour deep processing equipment)

unit name, product name, model and parameters
the complete production process of oil gluten of Wuxi Jianan Food Machinery Co., Ltd. takes flour as raw material and can be separated into starch and wet gluten after processing with complete sets of machinery and equipment. Starch is widely used in food, papermaking and textile industries, It can also be used as the main raw material for manufacturing citric acid, monosodium glutamate and glucose syrup. Wet gluten can be made into Wuxi specialty oil gluten and other products
complete set of oil gluten production equipment centrifugal screen, plane screen, oil gluten bran cleaner, dehydrator, gluten machine, oil gluten sizing machine and oil gluten cutting machine
wheat starch equipment is a complete set of starch processing equipment with wheat flour as raw material designed and manufactured in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. The equipment has advanced technology, the most economical equipment investment and high degree of automation, It is an ideal high-quality equipment for deep processing of wheat starch. While producing wheat starch, the by-product – wet gluten – (usually made into gluten)
the complete set of bread crumb (BRAN) equipment of Guangzhou Institute of food science. The main production line absorbs the technology of Japan, Europe and the United States. It is a new product of scientific research technology. The price is only one sixth of that of imported equipment
small-sized fresh rice noodle (rice cold skin) machine fresh rice noodle (rice cold skin) is made of rice soaked in water, ground, boiled and cut into strips
all kinds of granular and powdery food drying equipment
jgl120-4 dumpling automatic forming machine of Yantai Chuanglin Co., Ltd. This machine has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful shape, flexible operation and easy cleaning. It is suitable for restaurants, organs, schools Use of factories, mines, canteens and Chinese and foreign restaurants
the HW dough mixer has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, corrosion resistance, good mixing performance, even dough mixing and convenient cleaning.
the non fried and fried double-layer complete equipment of Shanghai Fengxian Food and beverage complete equipment factory produces 20000 and 50000 bags per shift.
roll cutting toughness Crispy biscuit complete equipment 250-1000
sandwich biscuit three-layer leather complete equipment 400-560 roller
Xingyuan biscuit complete equipment, chain furnace 400-560
Universal pastry (cookie) complete equipment
Weihua biscuit complete equipment
Shanghai Fengxian Food and beverage complete equipment factory series strip packaging equipment can package instant noodles, biscuits, candy Puffed wet wipes and other
series of bowl packaging equipment include capping, packaging and heat shrinkage
complete sets of two-color sandwich egg rolls can also produce monochrome
multi-functional tunnel hot blast stove to bake all kinds of food and vegetables, and can be customized for special
multi-functional continuous fryer to fry fish, food, potatoes Special customizable
puffing rice cake equipment
Henan Xinxiang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. series 25 – 200 stainless steel automatic noodle (mixing was awarded provincial and ministerial excellence in 1985 and 1990.
series 400-1000 tunnel type electric food oven was awarded provincial and ministerial excellence in 1991.
superconducting liquid oven was awarded provincial and ministerial excellence in 1991.
450 kneading machine
Shanghai Huayuan Food Machinery Co., Ltd. two speed kneading machine, middle, automatic control wake-up box, equal volume segmentation and rounding machine, bread forming machine, universal pastry machine and moon cake filling dividing machine Beijing Daying Food Machinery Co., Ltd

the dough kneader is generally used for making more flour products. It can knead dozens of kilograms of flour at a time. It is suitable for school and factory canteens. The dough kneader is generally used in small breakfast shops and can knead less than ten kilograms of flour at a time.

the kneading machine should make the dough taste good and soft. The dough mixing machine is used for dough mixing

Hello, the dough mixer is used to stir the dry flour into dough, while the kneader is used to press the dough, which makes the dough more tenacious and drives out the bubbles in the flour.

dough blending machine is generally used for dough blending, and kneading machine generally refers to dough pressing machine, which is used for dough pressing. Yinying has different models of dough blending machine and dough kneading and skin pressing machine. You can come to the factory to have a look at the equipment, and it is more favorable to buy from the manufacturer

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