What’s the difference between “food aluminum coated bag” and “aluminum foil bag”?

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Fangding aluminized plastic food bags and aluminum foil packaging bags can be used for liquid packaging, such as Wangwang ice absorption, fruit juice, drinks, etc., but aluminized bags are hardly used for liquid packaging.

first, in terms of material, pure aluminum bag is pure aluminum with high purity and belongs to soft material; Aluminized bags are mixed with composite materials, which are brittle materials
2. In terms of cost, the price of pure aluminum bags is higher than that of aluminized bags
III. in terms of performance, the moisture-proof and cooling effect of pure aluminum bag is better than that of aluminized bag. Pure aluminum bag is completely protected from light, and aluminized bag is a shading effect
IV. in terms of use, pure aluminum bags are more suitable for vacuum pumping, such as cooked food, meat and other products, while aluminum plated bags are suitable for tea, powder, electronic parts and so on
v. turn the inside of the bag to the light or sunlight. What you can see through the bag is plated aluminum foil, and what you can’t see is pure aluminum foil.

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