What’s the difference between red bull’s cans and other beverage cans?

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carbonated drinks use thin aluminum cans. The cans themselves are very soft, but they are hard enough after being inflated, so they are safe to transport
red bull doesn’t have carbonic acid, so it can’t use this method, so it can only be supported by the strength of the jar, otherwise it will crush itself during transportation
but it’s not so absolute now. For example, JDB was originally a non carbonated beverage, but it was also packed in aluminum cans. It would be slightly filled with gas to ensure the hardness of the cans. When the aluminum can JDB opens, it will make a slight “bare” sound, which can be heard.

I feel that red bull’s can is stronger and tastes better. It can be used for many purposes after it is used up. Removing the cover on the top of the can becomes a perfect pen holder, which is economical and convenient, and instantly makes the desk clean and orderly.

Red Bull’s cans seem to be made of iron, giving people a thick feeling, while carbonated drinks cans use aluminum materials because they contain gas and need the carrier to have telescopic force. Another difference is that when recycling waste products, no one wants iron cans.

I feel that red bull cans are thicker and have stronger texture. They are not easy to pinch and deform. Red Bull cans are more beautiful than other beverage cans. Other beverage cans feel that they will be deformed and weak with a gentle pinch

after drinking red bull, coke and cans for so many years, there is a big gap between their bottles

in comparison, I think the quality of Red Bull’s cans is much better than that of other beverage cans

first of all, although red bull’s is relatively small, its material is very thick and difficult to pinch and deform. Unlike other bottles, it deforms when pinched

the second is red bull can, which has good safety measures and good sealing materials

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