Where can I buy flour machine equipment?

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the flour mill equipment of Luohe Wanyi grain machinery factory is very good. Not only the quality of the equipment is good, but also the price is not very expensive. It can be customized according to customer requirements. You can learn about it

wheat – Cleaning – watering – moistening – grinding – grinding and screening – powder preparation – packaging
1 Cleaning: it is mainly to clean the straw, stone, damaged wheat and other impurities that affect the yield of flour. The main equipment includes: Wheat beater, stone remover, air separation, selection, etc. according to the quality of wheat and milling requirements, various flour mills will have some differences
2 Watering: after the wheat is cleaned, it needs watering to make the water content of the wheat reach a certain level, which can improve the toughness of the wheat skin and reduce the mechanical strength of the wheat endosperm. In this way, the wheat skin should not be ground very hard and affect the flour quality, while the tempered endosperm reduces the wear of the grinding roller of the pulverizer and reduces the energy consumption. Generally, high gluten wheat needs more water, and low gluten wheat is relatively less
3. Moistening wheat: the wheat with water should be stored in the wheat bin for a certain time, generally 8 ~ 24 hours, which varies according to the wheat variety and temperature. High gluten wheat generally takes longer, and it takes longer to moisten wheat in winter. The wheat after watering and moistening is called the milled wheat, and the moisture of the milled wheat is controlled at 14 ~ 16%. If it is too high, it will affect the rear screening
4. Grinding and sieving: the decentralized grinding system and skin grinding system. The flour mill breaks the wheat into large bran, small bran, large endosperm, small endosperm, coarse powder and fine powder, and then different materials enter different flour mills for grinding, and cooperate with sieving and flour cleaning at the same time. This is a very complicated process, which needs to be adjusted by experienced flour mills to achieve the best effect. Finally, flour (1 ~ 3 kinds), coarse bran and fine bran are obtained
5. Flour preparation: due to the demand for special flour, a kind of wheat flour often can not meet the requirements of customers. Through the mixing of different wheat flour according to a certain proportion, various flour characteristics of finished flour can be adjusted to meet the requirements of customers
6 finally, packaging
the capacity and configuration of equipment are uncertain, so the cost cannot be discussed in one word.

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