Where can I find the zipper carton?

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Where can I find the source of goods for the kind of pull chain carton that is very convenient for unpacking.

there are not many manufacturers of zipper cartons. Among them, the zipper cartons packaged by Hangzhou Huanyi are of good quality and complete specifications. The address of their factory is the mainland Industrial Park, Liangzhu street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou.

1. DIY small jewelry box first, we find an ordinary paper box. Then cut off the cover at one end. The thickness of the cardboard drawer is about 0.5 cm, which is smaller than that of the cardboard drawer. I’ll make it according to the thickness of the cardboard drawer. It depends on how much it is smaller than that of the cardboard. Just like when I was a child, leave an edge where it needs to be bonded for bonding
(red is long, blue is wide, and green is high) then cut off the painted one and gently stroke it with a knife where it needs to be folded. In this way, it won’t take much effort to wear it. Then fold it and stick it on. If the glue is not firm, you can use transparent tape. The most important thing is to be strong. Then put the finished carton into the previously finished box, which is the shape of a drawer. Then wrap the exposed part of the box with wrapping paper. If you are patient, you can also use cloth. It’s like wrapping a book cover as a child. How beautiful it is. The general appearance of the drawer came out. Then make the handle of the drawer and pierce two holes with an awl on the surface of the drawer, which can be larger. Put on another rope or ribbon and tie a knot in the drawer. Then glue the knot just made to the knot made with adhesive tape. So this drawer is finished! If you don’t think it’s beautiful enough, you can add some decoration. Decoration and so on can play at will. Such a small box can hold small things such as jewelry. You can also make several small drawers and put them together to make a small cabinet. 2. The biscuit box is changed into a jewelry box. The finished moon cake box or biscuit box can be used to store jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces, which is clear at a glance and easy to take. 3. CD box making romantic light box promotes environmental protection. We should practice it. This issue teaches you how to make romantic light box with old CD box
warm up action: let’s check whether there are any old CD boxes in the drawers, even pots and pans that are no longer in use. Congratulations on finding the trash bug in the box. You can go to the next step. If you can’t find it, keep looking or ask the generous third and fourth next door for some
preparation tools: in addition to the CD box, you also need a knife or scissors, ruler, packaging tape, decorative drawing paper (or friends who want to make a photo frame can prepare photos of a certain size), hot-melt gun and hot-melt agent…
Step 1: first cut the decorative drawing paper (or photos) you have prepared according to the size of the cover of the CD box
Step 2: insert the cut paper into the surface of the CD box and make it look like the back cover and cover of the original CD. Then, as shown in the figure above, the two boxes are erected and butted, and the four interfaces are bonded with hot flux, which can be fixed after the glue is dry
Step 3: use glue and wrapping tape to decorate the edge above the box
Step4: then decorate and measure the edge. Use a long enough packing tape to surround the light box without cutting. Pay attention to use more glue to fix at the corner, and press the part of the packing belt that grows out of step 3 under it, which is beautiful and firm
finally, enjoy time: put a candle cup in it, turn off the light and light the candle, which is very romantic~

I wish my younger brother grow up in five years. I wish Sheng and Sanniang farewell to their mother, younger brother and fellow villagers. In the sound of farewell, the immortal rises and goes away.

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