Where can the packing box be plastic sealed

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I have an iPad. It’s unpacked. I want to sell it. I want to plastic it again. Where can I plastic it

I don’t think I can change it. In addition to this plastic package, the general cosmetics also have printing on it. The plastic packaging is made of heat shrinkable film. General advertising companies can’t do it. dissimilarity!

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 the method of sealing the plastic bag (plastic sealing film) is as follows: prepare a useless plastic bag and cut it into a rectangle or square. 2. Fold it in half and press it flat at the opposite place. 3. Light the candle. 4. Insert the blade into the place to be sealed and be sure to stick it tightly. 5. Press tightly and move quickly close to the flame of the candle, so that the melted plastics can be quickly bonded together. The other edges are treated the same way. "

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