Where does Xi’an sell bulk vinegar? Or homemade vinegar? Shanxi old vinegar is the best?

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Shanxi Olin vinegar factory is a vinegar factory specializing in producing mature vinegar. The annual sales volume is in the forefront of major vinegar factories in Shanxi. There are 20 jin barrels of mature vinegar. You can ask.

According to the aging period: famous vinegar is the most common vinegar, its production cycle is 24 days, aged vinegar is 3 to 6 months, and old aged vinegar is more than one year
2. According to the acid content: vinegar above 4.5 degrees (the total acid content per 100ml is 4.5g) can be called old vinegar
3. By Region: only the vinegar produced in Qingxu County, Xinghualing District, Wanbailin District, Xiaodian District, Yingze District, Jinyuan District, Jiancaoping District, Yuci District, Taigu County and Qi county of Taiyuan Basin in accordance with the national standard of “protection of Shanxi old vinegar in the region of origin” can be called Shanxi old vinegar
4. Sensory: first of all, we should look at the color of vinegar. The old vinegar with good quality has cool color, luster, no black hair, and there will be precipitation at the bottom of the bottle or bucket; Second, shake the vinegar bottle, the more foam, the better, the slower the better. The third is to smell. Good old vinegar is mellow and thick, not pungent.

I know that. There is a Shanxi old vinegar Xi’an store near the sweet well. You can go and have a look!

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