Where does Xi’an sell tea vacuum packaging machine and tea packaging bag?

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if you want to customize vacuum packaging bags, I suggest you find a manufacturer with experience in vacuum packaging bag customization, because this can reduce your time cost and give you a lot of suggestions on packaging design and customization

now the living standard has improved, and it is basically vacuum packaging bags. This can improve the shelf life of products, keep fresh longer, and is more conducive to the sales of products

suggestions for selecting vacuum packaging bags:
manufacturers with quality assurance, safety certification and direct access must be selected
these three points are to reassure us that product assurance makes us less worried. Safety certification lets us know that the product is OK, the manufacturer’s production efficiency is fast, and a lot of costs are saved. Many intermediate links have been subtracted
personally, I think the most important point is that the packaging bag should adapt to your products, which is the most important; And to use environmentally friendly materials, so that consumers are more assured

personal suggestion:
in this regard, as long as you are not in remote areas or Tibet, I suggest you find a factory in Dongguan, which is the base of vacuum packaging bag manufacturers. Through logistics transportation, we received the goods in a few days


Shanghai Sanjing machinery produces food vacuum packaging machine and tea vacuum packaging machine. Custom bags.

tea market

Yiwu tea market. Opposite the light industry market

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