Which company has the most complete packaging machinery?

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in the packaging industry, the technology at home and abroad has been basically the same. The machines of many domestic packaging manufacturers have been exported abroad, and there are many brands of packaging machines. It is recommended to choose manufacturers that can provide solutions and packaging schemes that can customize packaging products
at present, there are several powerful packaging machine manufacturers in China: Mingbo machinery, Guchuan machinery and Dongping Junchuan. Most manufacturers are in Zhejiang or Shandong. If it’s close, a field trip is the best.

this depends on personal needs. Choosing the right one is the best. It depends on what kind of ingredients you are packing and what kind of effect you want to achieve. The specific problems should be analyzed in detail

at present, many packaging machines are quite complete. Depending on what you want to package, the choice will be more practical

Tianxuan packaging machinery in Zhongshan has various styles, including food, hardware and other packaging machines.

what kind of packaging machinery do you want? Solid state? Or liquid? Is it food or daily chemical? The conditions should be clear.

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