Which enterprises have packaging departments?

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I majored in packaging engineering. I’m about to graduate. I don’t know which enterprises to find a job or which enterprises need packaging engineering

there are many design schools and many graduates. For example, the difference between packaging design and other advertising graphic design is very vague. Generally speaking, China’s society has a great demand for packaging design talents. If you like these things, you can apply for them first, and then make your own choice in practice, Just as you practice your language skills first, and then write poetry or novels, you decide for yourself. Interest in this thing is very important. If you don’t like it, it’s difficult to learn it well and painful. It can only be said that professionals are scarce ~ China’s gravure printing industry has broad prospects for sustainable development, and the flexographic printing industry has broad prospects for development. The monthly salary of packaging design who understands printing is at least more than 3000. The areas with many printing plants along the coast of Zhejiang have good employment, packaging technology and design, packaging system design and management, and can be used in commodity production and circulation departments Senior engineering and technical talents engaged in packaging system design, quality inspection, technical management and scientific research in packaging enterprises, scientific research institutions, foreign trade, commodity inspection and other departments. Employment prospects are good. As a developing specialty, packaging engineering is now full of vitality. He is indispensable to the World Expo every year, not to mention the auxiliary operation of packaging in every industry. The new world packaging center in Zhejiang has made the packaging industry in Asia internationalized. Packaging now accounts for a high proportion of GDP in foreign economic powers, and China will never ignore the development of this industry!

if the company has a planning department, it is generally the work of the planning department; If there is no planning department and there is a technology department, it can be handed over to the technology department for design and the procurement department is responsible for placing an order for procurement; If there is no technical department, the administrative department or human resources department of the company shall be responsible for handling it.

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