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there must be some information about it on the Internet, but there won’t be many detailed information There is a book you can go to the bookstore to see if it suits you! Published by Chemical Industry Press & lt; Packaging printing and anti-counterfeiting technology & gt
[book introduction] – printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting technology
this book is based on the national “Tenth Five Year Plan” textbook “anti counterfeiting printing principle and technology” published by the author in 2004 and the monograph “anti counterfeiting printing” published by China Light Industry Press in 1999, Summarizing the author’s experience in printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting technology studied and published in various journals with colleagues at home and abroad in recent years, this book, which is more practical and pays more attention to the design ideas of anti-counterfeiting technology, is compiled for the majority of readers to choose, so as to promote the development of anti-counterfeiting printing technology. According to the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting printing technology with comprehensive process technology, monopoly and monopoly of technology and strong timeliness (novelty) of anti-counterfeiting function, the book introduces the latest progress of printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting technology and describes the formation ideas and principles of new anti-counterfeiting printing technology. This book is one of the practical printing technology series. This book is divided into five chapters. Firstly, it briefly introduces the characteristics and design points of various anti-counterfeiting printing and anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies, and the development status of printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting technologies at home and abroad. Then, based on the anti-counterfeiting mechanism of various inks, this paper systematically discusses the anti-counterfeiting function, printing suitability and key points of anti-counterfeiting printing technology of inks; By analyzing the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of various printing materials, this paper introduces the anti-counterfeiting technology through material design; According to the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting film and laser microporous film, the anti-counterfeiting technology using optical information recording method is systematically introduced; The process anti-counterfeiting technology of how to load anti-counterfeiting information in printing and post printing process is analyzed. Finally, it introduces the anti-counterfeiting label and anti-counterfeiting bar code printing technology, digital printing and seal anti-counterfeiting technology, focusing on the formation idea and principle of the new anti-counterfeiting printing technology. This book is suitable for scientific research and development technicians, workers and managers engaged in packaging and printing industry. At the same time, it can also be used as teaching materials or reference books for undergraduates majoring in printing and packaging engineering

[book catalogue] – printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting technology
Chapter 1 overview of printing and packaging design anti-counterfeiting technology
section 1 overview of printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting
I. classification and characteristics of printing anti-counterfeiting
II. Concept, function and characteristics of packaging anti-counterfeiting
III Trend of printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting technology
section II printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting design
I. azimuth anti-counterfeiting design
II. Layout and plate making anti-counterfeiting design
III. printing process anti-counterfeiting design
IV. ink anti-counterfeiting design
v. printing and packaging material anti-counterfeiting design
VI. structural anti-counterfeiting packaging design
VII Die cutting anti-counterfeiting design
VIII. Non resetting anti-counterfeiting packaging design
IX. anti injection anti-counterfeiting packaging structure design
X. other anti-counterfeiting packaging design
Xi. Examples
Chapter II printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting materials
section I magnetic ink anti-counterfeiting technology
I. magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink printing technology
II Magnetic card anti-counterfeiting printing process
III. watermark magnetic card technology
IV. holographic magnetic stripe
v. visual information magnetic card
section II color changing ink technology
I. thermal ink printing
II. Photochromic ink printing technology
III. fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting technology
section III printing and packaging material anti-counterfeiting technology
I Selection of anti-counterfeiting substrate materials
II. Types and anti-counterfeiting principles of anti-counterfeiting substrate materials
Section IV film anti-counterfeiting technology
I. holographic film anti-counterfeiting technology
II. Interference film anti-counterfeiting technology
III. laser microporous film anti-counterfeiting technology
IV. heavy ion microporous technology
v. microlens array technology
VI Polarizing film
Chapter 3 printing and post press anti-counterfeiting process
section 1 printing process anti-counterfeiting technology
I. glue convex combined printing
II. Glue concave combined printing
III. glue wire combined printing
IV. one-time multi-color printing
v. multi-color overprint
VI. molded grating film printing
VII Engraving intaglio printing
VIII. Heat shrinkable full seal anti-counterfeiting bottle cap printing with pull sleeve
section II post printing process anti-counterfeiting technology
I. refractive molding technology
II. Concave convex embossing technology
III. gold scanning technology
IV. three-dimensional hot stamping technology
v. holographic positioning hot stamping
VI. cold hot stamping technology
VII Labeling technology of plastic color printing composite packaging
section III packaging anti-counterfeiting technology
I. anti counterfeiting film packaging technology
II. Adhesive anti-counterfeiting technology
Chapter IV label anti-counterfeiting technology
section I bar code anti-counterfeiting printing technology
I. bar code structure, type and application scope
II Design and printing of anti-counterfeiting bar code
III. bar code printing position and anti-counterfeiting packaging
section II anti-counterfeiting printing technology of self-adhesive label
I. structure of anti-counterfeiting material of self-adhesive label
II. Anti counterfeiting printing process of self-adhesive label
III. post printing process of self-adhesive label
section III anti-counterfeiting printing technology of in mold label
I Basic features of in mold label
two, process technology
three, in mold label material
four, in mold label printing and processing
fifth chapter digital printing and seal anti-counterfeiting technology
first quarter digital watermark
second personalization digital printing anti-counterfeiting technology
1, digital printing basic concept
two, Principle of personalized digital color printing
III. personalized digital printing process
IV. digital coding anti-counterfeiting technology
section III seal anti-counterfeiting technology
I. concept of seal anti-counterfeiting technology
II. Equipment of seal anti-counterfeiting technology
III. cross slit laser lithography heat shrinkable film anti-counterfeiting technology

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