Why can’t you recycle the express box now?

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according to statistics, China produces about 14 million tons of waste paper every year, but the recovery rate of waste paper is only 46%, and nearly 29.24 million tons of supply gap needs to be imported. In 2014, China imported 27520200 tons of waste paper, accounting for 1 /3 of the world’s total available for export, and more than 50% of the total exports of waste paper from the United States were sold to China

you talked about recyclable express cartons. In fact, this is a big industry with an output value of more than 600 billion yuan, that is, renewable resources industry. Waste paper is one of the major categories. At present, our country is divided into ten categories, such as waste electronic products, waste plastics, waste cars, etc

just like waste paper recycling, the development of China’s whole renewable resources industry is relatively slow, lagging behind many developed countries. The development of renewable resources industry is not only an economic behavior, but also a social, ecological and environmental behavior

in recent years, the state has also begun to pay attention to it and issued some policies, but there are two bottlenecks in the development of this industry: first, the construction of recycling network, which has proved to be very difficult to be market-oriented. No one does business with high cost, low income and loss, so it is urgent to innovate the industry development model; The second is the technical bottleneck. The recycling technology of waste materials in our country is still relatively traditional. With the rise of labor costs and the decline of raw material prices, many recycling enterprises have no profit space. There are many things that can be studied in this industry, and it is also very urgent

shop 1 is doing it now. 50 points will be given for each carton, but only for his own account

packaging box has always been regarded as a matter of face by various enterprises. There are only three standards for making a qualified packaging box, including force, force and force. But look at how many beautiful packing boxes there are around. It’s a pity to leave them useless. They are finally thrown into the garbage. Think of it, in the packing box, only the express box can be recycled, but no one has done such a thing about face. We often love selfie for a while and don’t want to stick to it all our life. This is a common problem of people

express box is never a simple box. Let’s not talk about alarmist words. We all know better than me that we need to cut down several trees and use several rolls of transparent tape that will not degrade in 100 years to produce an express box. Two years ago, Zurich held an art exhibition of “the box of history”, which is to build a three-dimensional box to immerse people in the dark space and meditate on history and the problem of who holds who in the box. The reality is that new history is being created by boxes, such as building boxes, TV boxes, shopping boxes, daily express boxes, and black boxes that will eventually lie in. Will there be a sudden sadness: selfie finally lost to the box

as for “express box recycling, selfie cultivation action”, if I can get the long-term strong support of Suning express, I think it is necessary to continue to carry out it. From the perspective of environmental protection and increasing selfie, I have no hesitation, and the big thing can not prevent me from fighting for selfie all my life; From the perspective of exploring the historical process, if the arrogance of the box is not beaten down, the fate of mankind may really be put into the box; Of course, from the perspective of pure public welfare, this kind of thing with a great sense of mission needs a rich and powerful Lord like Suning to shout and praise from all sides

the most ideal state is that the owner express and the West Express. Everyone sits on a table and talks. All the express boxes are finally made into one shape, strong and durable. They can be recycled and used in this way to make a collective contribution to the appearance of all mankind. I’m just talking about this nonsense. You go in one ear and out the other. Well, after all, selfie has little to do with recycling boxes

SF began to charge for the use of our cartons last year. Many customers said they didn’t understand. They didn’t want money before. How can they ask for money now? In fact, I personally agree with this charging behavior. First of all, when there is no charge, many customers take a lot of cartons home to do other things on the grounds of sending them. In fact, the cost of cartons is not low. It also requires human and material resources to distribute matching cartons to a network. The most important thing is to cause unnecessary waste. After charging, many express cartons can be recycled. In fact, this is very environmentally friendly. There is no charge for the use of secondary utilization cartons, which not only saves the logistics cost for the company, but also enables the company to have environmental awareness and make full use of secondary resources

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