Why do food with independent packaging still need desiccant

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I’m talking about a big package with desiccant and packaged food inside

moisture proof! Many packages will say “Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated place”. The humid environment will make the product bad quickly

because the package is not vacuum, if the air inside is not very dry, it is easy to breed bacteria, and there is no desiccant in the vacuum package

many foods are not vacuum packaged. Food manufacturers will choose desiccant to reduce the air humidity in product packaging and block one of the elements of mold growth: moisture. Many food packages with independent packaging use ordinary packaging bags, not vacuum packaging. There are many air holes in the packaging bag, so the external moisture can still enter the packaging bag, so the independently packaged food will become damp and soft after being stored for a long time (puffed food will become soft, peanut will become damp and taste bad). The desiccant can absorb the moisture in the broken bag outside, so as to slow down the process. Keep the taste and quality of the product for a longer time.

bacteria are a big problem. Dry them to improve the shelf life

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