Why do most tea boxes use iron boxes as outer packaging? What are the benefits?

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1) opacity: light will not only cause food deterioration reaction, but also cause changes in food quality and grade. Tea leaves are more likely to deteriorate under light (especially green tea). The opacity of tinplate can makes the preservation rate of tea the highest, and saves the original juice, color, taste and aroma of tea
2) good sealing: the barrier of packaging containers to air and other volatile gases is very important for the preservation of nutritional components and sensory quality. Metal cans with low oxygen permeability can better protect tea, which is also the best characteristic of iron cans
3) reduction of tin: tin on the inner wall of tinplate will react with oxygen remaining in the container during filling, reducing the chance of oxidation of food components. The reduction of tin is also the extension of the storage life of tea
in addition, tin cans also have a heat proof function. It is completely isolated from the influence of environmental factors. It will avoid the qualitative change of color food due to light, oxygen and moisture, and will not fade due to aroma overflow or taste change due to environmental odor pollution. Therefore, the stability of food storage is better than that of other packaging materials.

iron box packaging is mainly beautiful and high-grade, which is equivalent to a gift box, which is expensive. If you only use plastic bags, you can’t get gifts. In fact, what box packaging is not important, the key is the quality of tea. Of course, some tea leaves need special storage, so they must be specially packaged. Tieguanyin drinks a lot of green tea and needs to be stored in cold storage, otherwise it is easy to deteriorate.

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