Will Coca Cola’s announcement of new paper bottle packaging affect the taste of the beverage?

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Coca Cola announced that it would launch new paper packaging. In fact, for such packaging, consumers may worry about whether it will affect the taste of drinks. But in fact, as Coca Cola’s official can announce such new reform measures, it shows that the taste of real drinks will not be affected. It is just because of environmental protection, so there are rigid regulations and requirements for most packaging materials. It is also to make a great contribution to our huge survival earth

After all, most people will not be happy to drink Coca Cola even if it is packaged in paper. Coca Cola has always been concerned by many people because Coca Cola does bring us a lot of happiness. Especially now we are still very popular in catering. No matter what we eat, we still like the collocation of coca cola very much. Especially when eating hot pot, a cold coke is particularly comfortable

although coke as a carbonated beverage is not particularly good for our human body, in fact, for most of us, drinking coke once in a while can satisfy our physical and psychological pleasure. Under the circumstances of great pressure, if we can meet such conditions, most of us still choose

many of us are actually very worried when reading these notices, because as consumers, the first thing to worry about must be whether some of their taste and packaging will affect the food. As we all know, before Coca Cola, some packages of cans were highly praised by many of us, and many people think cans are very, very good and can also bring us some very good experiences

make complaints about straw tea has been replaced by plastic straw as a paper version of straw. But after many users use it, it is found that paper straws are very direct impact on most of us. So many people will use Tucao like straw. Because of the long time, if the paper version of the straw is long, it will cause a great impact. p>

anyway, I hope Coca Cola can maintain its original taste and experience after officially changing its packaging, because after all, many of us like drinking Coca Cola, and we also like such fat houses, happy water and carbonated drinks very much

I think it will affect the taste of the drink. It will taste better than the drink packaged in plastic bottles. Although it is relatively environmentally friendly, it will greatly reduce the taste of the drink, and it will not taste better than the drink packaged in plastic bottles.

probably not. Because other drinks also have different packaging, but the taste will not change.

will not affect the taste. And the introduction of paper bottle packaging is more convenient and lighter than plastic bottles. The taste of the drink inside is like that. The taste of any bottle will not change.

it won’t affect him. Just changing the packaging, instead of breaking his raw materials, will not affect its taste. If you change a raw material, it will affect its taste, but it is just a change of packaging, which will not affect its taste.

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