Will vacuum food go bad

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Read the newspaper that the vacuum milk preserved in World War II has not deteriorated yet, but the vacuum preservation of goods has a shelf life. Who knows, thank you!

theoretically, vacuum can be stored indefinitely, but it also depends on the packaging material, packaging and storage conditions. General vacuum food will not deteriorate

vacuum packaging mainly prevents product quality problems through the following methods:

* removing air and vacuumizing makes many microorganisms unable to reproduce; Oxidation is almost completely ruled out

* prevent further contamination. After vacuum packaging, microorganisms on the outside can no longer contact the product

* prevent water loss and maintain the weight and tenderness of the product

* prevent (dirt) and human contact, so that the product can meet the hygienic requirements of the buyer. It can also be further treated, such as vacuumizing and then filling with inert gas containing carbon dioxide

will not deteriorate. Because there is no oxygen.

generally not

will it change over time

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