Working principle of 400 single chamber vacuum packaging machine

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1. Keep the use environment of the machine clean and tidy, and the use environment should not be too wet
2. Do not use this product in flammable, explosive and other harsh environments
3. The three-phase four wire machine shall be equipped with the same type of socket consistent with the machine power supply, and shall meet the requirements of three-phase four wire power supply; The single-phase machine shall be equipped with three pole power socket and ensure the reliable grounding of the machine
4. Unplug the power plug when overhauling the machine to prevent electric shock
5. Keep the vacuum chamber in the best clean condition, and wipe the inside of the machine regularly. The oil of the vacuum pump can only be added to two-thirds of the oil window of the vacuum pump, and use and maintain it in strict accordance with the operation manual of the vacuum pump

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